A wall can not only be decorated with vinyls, patterned paper or pictures, but we can also decorate it with pictures. And it’s great to do it. Therefore, we will offer you Ideas for decorating a wall with photos.

Decorate a wall with pictures hanging on a rope

The decoration with photos It is original and has a lot of personality, giving our rooms a unique and personalized style. But to give our home even more flair and showcase our good taste and creativity, there are different ways to place these photos. We start by showing you how decorate a wall with pictures hanging on a rope.


It’s not about picking up a box of push pins and starting nailing some absurd pictures, but we can create some authentic artwork on our walls. It just takes a little imagination. Let’s see.

Tree photo

Do you know what you can do? Simulate a creation tree photo. How is this done? Easy. Just take a tree branch. You can put a branch that you find in decoration stores, natural or artificial. Or take a branch or a small trunk from a nearby tree yourself. It doesn’t need to be very thick, better if it is a thin branch. Nail it or tape it to the wall.

Then using strings and a few photo clips, go place several rows of photographs leaving the branch as if they were the leaves of the tree. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?

Placing it, for example, on a desk, it’s a good decoration, which is also relaxing and cheerful, because it combines two elements that bring us well-being: nature and good memories. You can also put a branch that has leaves and this mixture of colors with the green will give it even more charm.

decorate a wall with hanging pictures2 istock

If you want to cover more wall, the option is to upload more photos, but also by putting more strings. In this case, we don’t recommend more than three, if you don’t want to seem like you’re hiding something. Plus, if you hang more than 10 photos per chain, the ornate and baroque feeling will be overwhelming. Sometimes less is more, although there are also those who like the hype, so everyone chooses the option they prefer.

Tips for decorating a wall:

If you have decorated your house with scandinavian style, this decoration with the tree branch and hanging photos of a string, combines perfectly.


You can also take one hanger, the one you like the most. Hang some strings and, with tweezers, hang your photos. Place the hanger with pictures on the wall you want to decorate. Or, directly, take several hangers and hang a picture of a hanger face. Not many people are going to beat you at originality.

Photo clothesline

Another way to decorate a wall with photos is to do so like you have clothes hanging. To do this, hang a chain end to end in a corner and hold your photos with small clips.

Related photos

If you prefer, instead of using rope, you can hang your photos on ties, on a tape measure, or even on lighted cables like Christmas lights.

Decorate a wall with collage photos


To set up a collage of photos to decorate the wall you have to choose photos to set up a scene, so that your composition is like a kind of jigsaw puzzle of different pieces. You can choose to frame them in multiple frames, or without frames, just the natural photos on the wall. Choose the option you choose, decorate a wall with collage photos it is always a wise option.

An old custom is also in fashion, which is to decorate the wall with photos arranged in collage in the style of photographic studios. Or if we don’t go to more modern concepts, in Instagram wall style. Simply choose your photos, their size and format and arrange them to form the collage. You can put them with or without thin wooden frames, and even on wooden dowels.

If you want to take collage mode to the extreme, you will need a lot of photos. About 200 photos for a piece of wall like the one in the photo. Of course, the result is absolutely spectacular. A wall covered with personal photos that, moreover, we recommend that you be in black and white. As you can see it can’t be beat as they are.

Do you know the glass walls?


Placed like this, the photos in Instagram wall collage, Throughout your wall it is spectacular, for example, next to the door to receive guests, or wherever you want. Above the sofa, they are ideal.

To give more strength to the color, choose a theme. For example, travel photos. Or photos of your pets, or your little ones, your wedding, landscapes, romantics, nature, etc. And make different photo collages to decorate your wall, bringing every room in your home to life.

Decorate a wall with pictures with frames


It’s fashionable stick the photos directly on the wall, because it brings a particular freshness to the rooms. The natural prevails, playing with the different shapes and sizes of photos who are placed without following an order by default on our walls for your decoration. However, if you prefer decorate a wall with pictures with frames because they are more attractive to you, here are our suggestions.

The use of monochrome images. And stick them with the washi tapes. the washi tape adds color and give your wall a lively touch with photos. These are brightly colored stationery ribbons that are great for crafts. With them we can create artificial frames with which to stick the photos directly on the wall by framing them in colour. The result is very beautiful, especially if you want something that is not too formal.


If you have more classic tastes, look for frames that match your photos and place them on the wall in an orderly and symmetrical fashion. Although if you want something totally different and striking, one idea is to choose a specific point on the wall and, on one side, or on a wall edge, Y put photos using frames, but do it with different sizes Yes asymmetrically.

It is advisable that the photos are of the same theme, as this will give harmony to the composition. No doubt this corner thus arranged will be the object of attention.

Do you want something romantic and beautiful? A wall where a big tree and, of its branches, beech (glued), photo frames. It’s beautiful.

Decorate a wall with a photo-style mood wall


The use of natural materials and with a style that adapts to all spaces, making us feel well-being. You just need to search for one thing: feel comfortable. So decorate your home or office with photos in the most creative and free way you can imagine. Images that make you think of positive things and colors that generate good energy. Select those inspiring photos and may your moments be filled with joy.

Have you seen how many ideas for decorating a wall with photos you can find? Now pick your favorite and get to work.

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