To make the most of the bathrooms and toilets it is necessary to highlight the brightness and make the most of the available space. These are two fundamental aspects of making small bathrooms comfortable and functional. Let’s look at some possible solutions.

A light and well-organized dressing table with built-in towel racks

Integrating the towel rack with the furniture in the courtesy area is a practical measure that helps to overcome the lack of space in the bathrooms of a few meters. It is a resource already used by many furniture companies, being sold in different versions according to the needs of each space and the taste of the decorator.

Create a sense of depth with a mirror

Installing a large mirror in the courtesy area of ​​the bathroom is one of the simplest and, at the same time, most effective features for visually expanding the square footage of the room. The reflections that are generated in it provide greater depth to the environment and, at the same time, increase its luminosity by also multiplying the existing light.

The shapes and finishes are adapted according to the decorative style. However, the more sober your design (without ornaments), the greater the feeling of lightness.

Dismiss the bidet

The change in habits and the use of the bidet, so widespread in previous times, seem to be starting a sharp decline due, among other reasons, to the lack of space and the fact that bathroom decorating is no longer a trend. Thus, the most common is to do without this piece to gain space or to put in place an auxiliary piece of furniture to store all types of hygiene items.

Gain amplitude with light tones

The extensive chromatic range of neutral tones is an excellent ally to provide visual amplitude in the bathroom. The options are numerous: white, beige, gray, cream, ocher … They all dress the toilets and bathrooms a few meters in order to enhance their luminosity.

To protect the walls, nothing better than opting for special paints or different types of coverings (stoneware, synthetic materials or natural stone, among others), which will be combined with floors in light tones. As for furniture, the possibilities are also very varied: wood, lacquered …

Dispensing a basin to gain space

An excellent solution so that a bathroom or toilet of a few meters is not messy is to dispense with a washbasin cabinet, a measure that allows the room to gain space and appear lighter visually.

For cases where space is required for storage, a good alternative is the auxiliary trolleys with wheels as they can move smoothly throughout the room, as well as on very light shelves.

Opt for wall-hung bathrooms

The installation of toilets in small bathrooms favors the creation of bright environments, in addition to increasing the feeling of lightness and visual amplitude, while facilitating daily cleaning, as the joints that connect to the floor are eliminated.

Install a large box

To monetize and decorate small and irregular bathrooms, the best option is to install a built-in shower that allows you to adapt to the real needs of the room.

If, in addition, the shower walls are covered with the same material as the rest of the room, greater integration of the piece and, consequently, greater visual lightness.

Minimal equipment

When space is scarce, an effective measure is to use pieces of small dimensions and compact shapes, specially designed to equip this type of environment.

Complete and well-organized furniture

Installing a sink with a compact design that, at the same time, has a large storage capacity is an ideal solution in small bathrooms, because in addition to not cluttering the environment, it creates a lighter and more spacious space. The pieces that have a well-compartmented interior are also very practical, which helps to maintain order in the room.

Another very common option when space is scarce is to make a piece of furniture that makes the most of the meters.

Clear glass partitions

Visual communication between the different areas of the bathroom helps to create depth and, consequently, to make spaces more spacious. Therefore, it is very interesting to install transparent partitions (either acrylic or glass), because, in addition to visually delimiting the different areas, they allow the light to circulate freely throughout the environment. They also prevent irritating splashes on the floor and walls.

Group the different elements on the same front wall

Getting the right layout of a room is the essential pillar of any good project. Knowing the real limitations of the bathroom helps to enhance the space available with solutions according to each floor. In this sense, when the environment is narrow and extensive, the best option is to align all the elements (toilets, sinks and shower or bathtub), grouping them on the same front. This way, the rest of the piece remains free to circulate comfortably.

Choose the coating well

Among the variety of decorative features capable of increasing the feeling of spaciousness in the bathroom, the use of coverings of various formats stands out. The most recommended in rooms of a few meters are pieces that measure a minimum of 10 × 10 cm and a maximum of 30 x 30 cm (the 20 x 40 cm are also valid).

It is not advisable that the size of the tiles be too small, as it would make the environment heterogeneous, or excessively large, since they would have to be cut a lot to adapt to the available space.

Built-in tap

An alternative to save counter space is to opt for a wall tap. In this way, the courtesy area is much clearer and small format benches can be used.

Shelves: all lined up and in view

Placing a series of shelves or shelves on some of the facades of the bathroom walls is a good solution for obtaining an auxiliary support surface. Whether near the shower or next to the sink, these accessories are very functional and do not take up much space. Regardless of the environment having a wardrobe with greater storage capacity, the shelves are light pieces, so their presence in small toilets and bathrooms is always a success.

Save space with sliders

To open and close the access door to the bathroom, it is necessary a space that, many times, the sanitary facilities and the small bathrooms do not have. In these cases, it is very useful to replace the traditional hinged door with a sliding model that optimizes the available space by not requiring an opening angle.

Highly functional accessories

Ingenuity and the latest innovations in the bathroom sector favor the optimization of small rooms based on new equipment, based on the principles of order and functionality. Thanks to these resources, bathrooms solve their limitations with practical and dynamic solutions that find their raison d’être in every detail.