Ideas for making Halloween pumpkins with recycled items

Original ideas, which you can make yourself and with different materials, thanks to creative recycling, you can decorate your house for Halloween in a more sustainable way. You can choose from crochet, glass jars or wine stoppers, colored paper, crepe paper, felt and many more.

Here are the best ideas on the web for making wonderful Halloween pumpkins.

  1. Pumpkin with glass jar lids.
  2. Pumpkin with colorful papers.
  3. Pumpkin with an old book.
  4. Pumpkin with rope.
  5. Pumpkins with wood.
  6. Amigurumi Pumpkin.
  7. Pumpkin with crepe paper.
  8. Pumpkins with caps.
  9. Pumpkin with spools of thread.
  10. Felt pumpkin.

Pumpkin with lids on glass jars.

Pumpkin with lids on glass jars

It sounds magical, you can make a really nice pumpkin with the glass jar lids you don’t use. Get caps roughly the same size. You can paint them if you want, then you will have to join them with c, connect them with a chain and put cinnamon sticks in the middle to form the pumpkin, which will also leave that delicious aroma in the air.

Pumpkin with colorful papers.

Pumpkin with colorful papers

You can make your pumpkin-shaped decorations with colored paper or card stock. The ideal would be to choose the paper of two different colors, well combined to create beautiful tones. Crepe paper will bring leaves and other small details to life.

Pumpkin with an old book.

Pumpkin with an old book

This pumpkin-shaped decoration is made from the leaves of an old book. The details were made with a green painted thread. The idea was conceived for a dining table as a central piece of decoration for Halloween. This quirky handcrafted decoration is for sale on Etsy, but you can try making it at home.

Pumpkin with rope.

Pumpkin with rope

This pumpkin-shaped decoration with this special effect was made possible by using liquid glue and rope, the kind that is normally used for school chores. How to chain the base of the roll and to get the desired pumpkin shape we will need mason jars. See here the tutorial that will help you.

Pumpkins with wood.

Pumpkins with antlers

These wooden decorations are inspired by pumpkins and pumpkin-shaped lanterns, which are usually made for Halloween. They were made as decorations and keepsakes for the guests. With the color and decoration you want. Watch here all the instructions.

Amigurumi Pumpkin.

Amigurumi Pumpkin

You can make a pumpkin to use as a decoration or as a pin cushion with the amigurumi technique (Japanese technique of making small crochet or knitted dolls). The pumpkin can be finished with buttons to make the eyes, green and brown. You can see here are the instructions crochet amigurumi pumpkin.

Pumpkin with crepe paper.

Pumpkin with crepe paper

Another idea for bringing your pumpkin decorations to life is to use green and brown crepe paper. You will also need bags, scissors, stapler, and duct tape. You have some beautiful pumpkins hanging around your house on Halloween. See it all here instructions.

Pumpkins with caps.

Pumpkins with caps

This fantastic pumpkin decoration was made with 34 caps, orange paint, fine thread, hot glue, raffia, scissors and colored paper. The result is really adorable and is an original idea of ​​creative recycling. See here the full tutorial.

Pumpkin with spools of thread.

Pumpkin with spools of thread

Another idea to make a small pumpkin with the materials you have at home. For example, you can use the spools of thread or rope, painted white or orange, as a base, and choose a maple leaf that can be colored to complete the decoration of the pumpkin.

Felt pumpkin.

Felt pumpkin

Felt decoration in the shape of a pumpkin for Halloween. This pumpkin is very funny, it was made and sewn by hand. You will need orange embroidery thread and black or yellow felt, black thread, needles, scissors and pins. See here the full tutorial with instructions on how to create your felt pumpkin.