Planning to renovate the bathroom and don’t know where to start? How about betting on the trend of the season: wood? Just take a look at these ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms and surely some of you are falling in love.

Ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms

Modern, bright, revolutionary, different … ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms They are more and more common in new homes because the result is most satisfactory.

The complicated thing to choose between so many ideas for making modern wooden bathroomsis that there are many more alternatives than many people imagine. Look, compare and choose from the best ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms

Natural wood

We start the exam at ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms with an obvious winning option: the natural wood. In this case, we choose furniture in light wood tones to give light to a modern and familiar bathroom.

Obviously we leave the sink in white or light tones, and we supplement the holes we have with wicker baskets to store whatever we want. The result could not be more current and bright.

Combined parquet and furniture

If you have the bathroom in one room, there is ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms that you might like. The one we offer has a shower separate from the bathroom, separated by a sliding door which also keeps it hidden.

Meanwhile, in the room, we would have the sink and its furniture that blend into the environment, choosing a light shade matching parquet. The auxiliary furniture should also be in the same tone, while the wash should be light in color so that it also contributes natural light.

All white

If you are lucky enough to have a window that gives direct light on the bathroom, do not hesitate and place the bathtub underneath so that it is the protagonist of the space. Of course, it is interesting to know how to accompany it and this is where the ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms

In this case, we opted for a large piece of furniture Oak wood which is finished with a white glass top which enhances the natural light of the room. Elegance, modernity and a feeling of space that few bathrooms provide.

Small space

Without a doubt, from the ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms The most requested are those applied to small bathrooms with reduced space. Unfortunately, the most common in recent times. Despite this, if we know how to take advantage of it, we can have a productive and modern bathroom with great pleasure.

For example, an alternative is to search for a Oak wood sink with large drawers where everything you need fits. Being a small bathroom, the furniture will attract attention, so you need to choose one that, in addition to fitting, is current and conforms to the bathroom.

Wooden shower

What if it was the shower we want in wood? Well we will have the latest bathroom decoration, besides a modern and absolutely revolutionary bedroom. Without a doubt, one of the ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms the most attractive of the moment.

For this we need a coating in the shower which can be made of wood, although it is also possible to be porcelain but emulates wood. In any case, it brings a cozy touch to the bathroom, but also revolutionary and contemporary. If you want the set to be complete, accompany it with a white lacquered washbasin like the one in the picture to enhance natural light.

Rustic point

Not everyone can achieve these ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms. Basically for space. Now, if you have it, feel free to choose to create a bathroom of your own. Zen refuge of calm and serenity.

With an oak wood bathtub in the Japanese style, bench included, wooden floors and ceilings with considerable height and upper windows that will allow you to take a bath while looking at the stars. If a vintage and retro design but it shatters in every reformed house.

Lined wall

What would a wood-lined wall in the middle of the bathroom look like? Okay, just look at the photo to see how beautiful it is. Yes it is one of ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms more risky but for little seen, not for the results.

In addition, it does not need to be made of wood, but can be replaced with a porcelain stoneware flooring imitating wood. As a result, we will have a stay warm,. In addition, we will complete it with a white cabinet with a large storage capacity.

Simple rural

In the purest style of rural houses, we can leave our bathroom after having renovated it. Make sure that rural homes have all the comforts in the world, including spectacular bathrooms to get the most out of it ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms

In this case, the piece combines the tone of natural wood and elements that evoke the past which are complemented by a most contemporary bathtub with a screen, while the natural light invites us to eternal baths. Obviously, the rest of the furniture would be in light tones so that the light does its job.

Raw wood

An alternative that seems sloppy but requires almost more work than the one designed to the millimeter. We’re talking about an almost raw bathroom in which everything seems half-way but is finished, in the latest trends and wanting to be shown. Without a doubt, one of the ideas for making modern wooden bathrooms most acclaimed

Without going into the revolution of leaving the bulbs in sight, the decorative point is put by the combination of gray tones and cold materials, with warm oak wood. In this case, it is seen that not only the bench is made of wood, but also the accessories such as the stool, the frame or the wicker basket. A perfect design for a bohemian chic home.

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