Why are we talking today about ideas for renew the windows of your house? Windows are the eyes of your home. More than a pretty sentence, it’s a reality. And it’s not just the eyes, it’s also the ears. Through the windows you can see and hear what is happening in the street, but also passers-by discover what is happening inside your house.

It is likely that when your house was built there weren’t a lot of industry progress which today allow us to have bioclimatic windows, or blinds that can isolate interior spaces, from temperature or noise from outside. Optimizing the windows of the house becomes a necessity, if we want to guarantee the safety and comfort of our family.

Taking into consideration ideas for renewing the windows in your home, you must take into account aspects such as opening type, The crystals, Blinds, curtains, frames and even colors. ¿How much does it cost?,How come?,Who should do it and how long does it take? We’ll tell you about all of this and more below.

How much does it cost to renew the windows in your home?

Cost is the number one concern for a family thinking about renovating their windows. ¿How much does it cost to renew the windows in your home? The big question. The second concern is usually the time taken for this job. As for the time, we will tell you that if you decide do the work yourself, you can get to take more than a week and the renewal would go away in about 10 days.

But if you hire a company that is expert in the field, they will hardly stay with you for more than two days. Here we have the first element that influences the cost of the work. Later we will give approximate figures. However, the costs of renovating the windows in your house are not the same as those your neighbor would have if they undertook the same work simultaneously with you. Each house, each window is a different case.

We can give you some elements that will help you calculate the cost of renovating windows, but you need to define the special situations in your home. Coming back to the topic of who will do the work, if you do, you will have a saving of 30%. Basically the finish

Second element that affects the cost of renewal: the size and number of windows in the house. The reasons are obvious: you must make an assessment on the elements to modify. Are you going to change the frame, the glass, the opening system …?

With this quick list, you must check, quote and multiply By the number of windows, you will know exactly how much it costs to renew the windows in your home. Against each of the elements that make up the total cost, you will find the impact that each of them has on the final price:

  • Opening system 10%
  • Check 20%
  • Crystals 4%
  • Blinds 9%
  • Curtains 8%
  • Isolation 4%
  • Motorization 12%
  • Work 30%
  • Additional and unforeseen materials 3%

You are probably considering doing the renovation yourself, as the workforce It represents the greatest value in the budget for renovating the windows of your home. If it’s your decision, we give you a brief guide on how to do it.

How to renew the windows in your home

Beyond ideas for renewing the windows in your home, technicality and budgetsit doesn’t hurt to know how to renew the windows in your house. To do this, nothing better than to start with some tips and advice for planning and undertaking this job.

Before starting, and coming back to our list, it is necessary to evaluate thiswhat are the elements we need to change and the reason, by asking us the following questions:

  • Will we have more comfort and convenience?
  • Will we have more security?
  • Will we improve the aesthetics of our spaces?
  • Are we going to use less energy and thus help take care of the planet?

If the answer to all of these questions, offered on each of the items on our checklist, is NO, then do not consider changing or renewing that item.

Window elements

There are different types of windows. There is window elements which are common to all. In this case, we’re going to talk about the four most common in each window: Crystals, Blinds, frames, Curtains


The crystals These are elements that have a significant impact on issues such as sound and thermal insulation and even on the security that the windows of a house must offer.

However, not all windows have the same quality requirements for the glass installed in them. Some windows, because they are interior, because they are located at a great height, or because the house is in an isolated place, do not require glass with higher requirements. Let’s see some types of crystals

  • Monolithic: Simple glasses that are installed in windows with few insulation and security requirements, usually indoors.
  • Laminates: They are the result of the union of two or more crystals, the insertion of a sheet of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral), which gives them great resistance and safety. This type of glass can even be shielded.
  • Double glazing: They are the result of the union of two sheets, which are separated by a dehydrated air chamber, which is hermetically closed, producing total thermal and acoustic insulation.
  • Tempered crystals: Crystals resistant to violent shocks. In the event of a fracture, the glass shatters into small, irregular fragments that would hardly hurt a person. Ideal for large windows, located on terraces and patios.


If we use Blinds, we will do without the curtains. The decision of course depends on the spaces, the window opening system, environmental conditions, etc. Shades are available in a wide variety of materials such as wood, he Plastic, PVC, aluminum and other metals.

It is important to keep in mind that blinds can perform functions of thermal control, of security or isolation, which is why the crystals that perform these functions could be removed.


The aluminum frames they are the most used in Spain. They are light, inexpensive, require low maintenance, they are easy to clean and have a high insulation capacity. Another very interesting option is PVC frames, the use of which is growing more and more, thanks to the ductility, weight and cost of the material.


Many ideas for renewing the windows of your house, can only go through curtain renovation. These elements which have accompanied humanity for many centuries have this virtue. A curtain can raise a poor window with few attributes to levels of excellence.

In the 21st century, we have options like Blackout, Panels, Venetian, Mesh curtains, Sails etc.

How much does it cost to renew the windows in my house?

And now yes. Finally, we tell you how much does it cost to renovate the windows in my house on average. Obviously the price varies depending on the installer but these prices are approximate and worth getting an idea of. how much does it cost to renovate the windows in my house.

As we have commented before, you need to be clear about the extent of the work before you do it and when done, tap choose the material for the profiles of your new windows. Depending on the material chosen, this will be the price for renewing the windows. Here are the most common materials:

  • Aluminum – Aluminum has advantages such as its durability, resistance, multiple colors or the fact that it does not require maintenance. The problem was that the insulation was a bit lacking. To remedy this, they are fitted with thermal break profiles, which limit the passage of cold or heat to the home. In addition, the thicker it is, the more it will insulate. Anyway, the price for the renovation of the aluminum windows in my house is 300 euros per square meter.
  • PVC – PVC removes aluminum. It is true. For starters, it insulates better than aluminum, both cold and hot, like bran. In addition, being plastic, they last a long time, are easily cleaned and their maintenance is zero. In fact, there are more and more models and colors, the price of which will vary depending on the quality. However, if someone asks how much it costs to renovate the windows in my house and they want PVC, they have to prepare 250 euros per square meter.
  • Wood – It has fallen into disuse, but it is a material that for centuries has devastated millions of homes. Its insulating power, added to its elegance and beauty, make it an excellent option for the outdoors. Of course, it requires regular maintenance, not only for aesthetics, but also for health. In the case of wood, the price of windows varies depending on the wood chosen.
    • pine – If it is pine, the price will be around 250 euros per square meter
    • Oak – If, on the other hand, we opt for oak, the price will rise to 395 euros per square meter.
  • Mixed – Is it possible to combine two of the materials we discussed? Of course. Many people opt for mixed profiles. Aluminum or PVC for the interior, but the most elegant wood for the exterior. Of course, this is the most expensive option with around 450 euros per square meter.

Once we are clear on the type of material we are going to put in our windows, we need to decide what type of opening we are going to give them. An element that will also influence the final price. These are the opening types:

  • Swing – These are the windows of a lifetime and obviously the lowest price.
  • Tilt and turn – They are a little more expensive than the hinges but they allow the window to be opened from above, without having to open it completely.
  • Slip – This is the more expensive alternative although they are almost essential on terraces or balconies. Its opening and closing mode is much simpler than the previous options.

Finally, and as a tip for everything, find, compare and stick with the best option. For that, request between three and five detailed quotes in full. That is, with a detailed breakdown of the price of the material, its characteristics, workmanship and, most importantly, run time. Also, if you are going to renew the windows in your house, change them all even if it costs more at first, but it will be more expensive than doing it in several parts.

In the end, it’s a investment that will last around 25 yearsSo do the math to see how much you are going to invest per year over this quarter century.

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