Will always be welcome toy storage ideas. Those of us who have crossed new parenting experienceWe know that after the honeys that are savored during the first two years of the life of our little angels, the ripe ones come when we are faced with an earthquake of clothes, pillows, books, but especially toys. .

This is why, I repeat, toy storage ideas they are always well received. But it is not only necessary to organize the toys, but also to organize the room and decorate it to make this space a nice place for children, but also for parents.

Ideas for storing toys

Store and maintain children’s toys organized children It seems like an impossible mission, especially when space is very limited. Drawers, shelves, boxes and chests can be good allies and at the same time they can add a certain charm to the decoration of the room.

Let’s look at some ideas for achieving this goal.

With shelves located on boxes, we use the space and at the same time we obtain a harmonious decoration. In the boxes, which we can see numbered, we will have the toys that the child uses most frequently and which do not represent any danger for their integrity.

On the shelves we will place toys according to the need that the child may have daily. Down to the most desired, the ones I use the least, or us as parents, we want you not to use them for some reason.

The boxes are numbered for a reason. We must establish some kind of classification of toysEither by subject, by size or by sex, not so much because this classification has any importance, but because in this way we instill concepts of organization and classification in the child, which will transcend the rest of the piece. and his life in general.


And if you like it DIY work, you have the right tools and you have enough time, here I bring you one of the best ideas for storing toys. A perforated plate, which is installed on a wall in the room. Using pencils, we can connect the holes with ropes, or we can use holes from independently to hang toys or objects that the child uses often.

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This idea is very creative. Plastic boxes from those used in grocery markets, fixed to the wall, as shelves. In this way it is possible enjoy the interior space and the top to support the toys. This solution is easy to clean, comfortable, spacious and gives an innovative look to the children’s room.


We end this section of ideas for storing toys, with this one which, in addition to hiding a good part of the clutter of the children, leaves us a lot of space. In this case, instead of having another bed, we have drawers and compartments for storing toys. When children have finished playing, they should not put the toys back in the drawers and close them.

How to order a children’s room

Now that you have some ideas for storing toys and enjoy the space of a roomIt is convenient to think that in the boys’ room there are not just toys. Ordering a children’s room requires taking into account some important concepts. Let’s see:

  • The room, no matter how small, must have such a distribution that allows identify different areas: Rest area, toy area, clothing area and teaching material area. In this way, the child will become aware of the use of spaces and the preservation and care of each of them.
  • All the objects that the child uses, whether they are toys, educational or clothing, may possibly present a hazard, especially when we have children under five. Therefore, to order a children’s room, it is necessary to take into account the accessibility that the child may have vis-à-vis these objects. Low shelves, which the child can reach without major problems, should be intended for toys or objects which present a minimal risk to the child. The higher the risk, the higher the concept should be.

Decorative ideas for a children’s room

In the first section of this article, on ideas for save toys. At the same time, we give you some stitches on decorating a children’s room. Let’s complete the subject a bit:

The themed rooms will always be a good option. For this, wall stickers or decorated wallpapers are ideal. It is not advisable to stick to the seasonal animated film. Remember, a year you can easily have 3 or 4 hits on the billboard. Once you enter, the previous one loses its validity and your child will want a new decoration. If you use classic themes, you won’t have this problem.

The harmony and synchronization between colors is very important. The classic concept of pink for girls and blue for boys is still relevant today. If you don’t like it, you can skip both and focus on pastel greens, yellows, and reds.

Finally, I propose this idea: a wall imitating a blackboard. It’s easy to do, serves as a kid’s toy, and is fully customizable. To achieve this effect, simply purchase matte enamel paint and apply it to the desired area. You can add a wooden frame. You just have to be careful, as some children are allergic to chalk.


Tips for a tidy children’s room

You already have ideas for storing toys, organize and decorate the children’s room. Now keep these tips in mind for a tidy children’s room:

  • It is only with the collaboration of the child that you will reach the goal. you must engage him in this work, delegate functions when ordering the room.
  • Monitor daily that when the child goes to bed at night, the room is perfectly tidy. The child should understand that not doing this during the day will take away hours of sleep at night.
  • Do you remember we talked areas in the room? The child should understand that although the play area is messy on a daily basis, the clothing area does not have to be changed, unless some extraordinary activity is required.
  • Example is the best way to educate. If the child sees that his parents’ room is not tidy, he will hardly understand the need to keep his own.

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