Feeling safe at home, or feeling safe at home when you are away, are fundamental aspects of being able to relax and enjoy. We offer you some ideas for improving home security that can be useful on a daily basis.

Ideas for strengthening home security

According to experts, the decision to rob one house or another is purely rational and not impulsive. That is, generally the thief assesses which house may be with more or easier access for a thief, which has the least security and whether the risk will be worth the loot to be obtained.

In this sense, we have put together a series of ideas to strengthen security of your home that you might find interesting.

Close doors and windows

The clumsiness They can get expensive, so if you plan to be away for a few days, make sure the windows and doors are fully closed.

If you live in a basement or lower area, consider the possibility of windows secured with bars. Likewise, consider the option if you have windows facing the interior patio.

Every time you leave the house lock. There are even people who lock themselves out when they are inside the house.

To choose doors with two closing pointsThis will make it difficult for someone else to open it, and given what we’ve mentioned above, there is a chance that if it isn’t easy to open, the thief will give up.

Professionals recommend reinforce door hinges to avoid being able to open it by means of a lever.

Check the locks

If from time to time you find yourself in the situation of needing to change or upgrade a window, both to promote security and improve insulation, how can you not do the same with locks?

Locks should be a real protection for the home, but what many people don’t know is that they wear out over time as well. Therefore, professionals recommend that periodically review and update.

Plus, today it’s not hard to find 24 hour locksmiths and professionals who know about home security. An example is that of the locksmiths Hermanos Mateo in Madrid who, as they are described, are security experts for home and basic locksmith services such as seamless lock change, opening doors of all kinds with 24 hour home service.

That it doesn’t seem like you’re gone

We all benefit at some point from a period of holidays where we are usually away from home and it is these days that can be the most painful.

The most common recommendations are:

  • Ask your neighbor or someone you trust to collect your mail from the mailbox.
  • Don’t leave the blinds all the way down.
  • Take advantage of technological advances in home automation and set up an automatic timer system: raising and lowering of blinds, awnings or even lights.
  • Be careful with spare keys. Better to give it to someone you trust than to place it near the door of your house.

Alarm or no alarm?

More and more portals and housing communities decide to put in place a system of protection and surveillance in the whole community, increasing the safety of its inhabitants but, despite this, security professionals keep raising the issue that it may be necessary to install a system. home security.

Right now there is a wide variety of companies dedicated to this, with different packages and very varied budgets, so there may always be an option to find out and consider taking this step.

Be careful with social networks

Social media is the bane of many people these days because they love to post pictures of the places they are and notify everything they do. The reality is that they are not aware of the danger that this entails, as privacy is not so absolute and a message is sent to the world of “I’m not at home”.