Although it sounds incredible, a normal human being who lives in a big city happens, on average, 45 minutes a day in the bathroom at home. This indicates that, per year, we spend a little over 11 days in this space. All the more reason to want ideas to renovate the bathroom without great cost.


But why renovate the bathroom without great cost? Why, if we spend so much time on it, and if it’s part of our privacy and our home, don’t we want to spend a lot of money on maintenance and aesthetics? There could be several reasons.

One of them, the most common, is that available financial resources don’t allow large investments in the bathroom or anywhere else in the house. But another, which is usually common, is that the house or apartment is for rent, which is why we consider it not worth doing very high investments, so that in the future they will be used by other people.

The truth is, bathroom remodeling is a task that can be done with very low cost. It’s about being creative and having good ideas. So today in this article we bring you some of them so that you can enjoy a modern, renovated and creative bathroom without investing a lot of money.

Renovate the bathroom with duct tape

Sticky paper or wallpaper is a solution that radically change the face of any space. It’s inexpensive, doesn’t require specialist operator support to install, and there are thousands of different designs and colors to choose from.

When we are going to install it on another adhesive paper which was previously located in the bathroomIt is convenient to remove the previous paper in its entirety, because probably, placing another on top of it, we will have areas with lumps that are difficult to remove.

When we install wallpaper for the first time, we need to check that the walls are very clean, free from grease or other substances that prevent the paper from setting firmly. If possible, you should sand the walls before install wallpaper.

Installation, once the above has been verified, does not involve no special knowledge. Just start, from top to bottom, placing the paper, making sure that there are no creases, gaps or bulges.

Renovate the bathroom – Change the colors


A new coat of paint can transform any room. Of course, the bathroom is no exception. If your walls are covered with duct tape, remove the paper using a garment steamer (you can rent it for a weekend).

If you just change the Paint color, remove with a spatula and with Sandpaper the most deteriorated, dirty or sticky areas, before starting work. Moisture and mildew should also be removed before painting.

Stick heavy masking tape on the areas you don’t want painted such as mirror frames, tiles, wood, photo frames, etc. The tub, shower, sink and toilet should be covered with plastic to prevent paint splash. Otherwise, removing these stains afterwards is a real chore.

The choice of colors is another matter. he white and blue in a moderate tone, create the idea of hygiene and cleanliness among users of these spaces. For this reason, these are the preferred colors when renovating the bathroom.

In any case, the contrast will always be welcome. Blue and green, both in pale tones, provide excellent contrast. So do white and beige.

Renovating the bathroom – Textiles

Towels, curtains, mats … there are a lot of them textile products which are present in the bathroom and which are part of its decoration. If we want to give a new air to our bathroom, it is important to think about them, to change them, taking into account the harmony of tones, colors and textures.

Towels, placed in strategic places in the bathroom, even if they are never used, become important and definitive decorative elements. Likewise, the curtains. You just need to change these elements to renew the bathroom without great expense.

Renovate the bathroom with decoration


Not everyone integrates decorative elements in the bathroom. It seems that paintings, porcelain or vases were limited to the living room or the dining room, but prohibited for the bathroom.

The news is that there is its own decoration for the bathroom. Only that it is very particular, of course because of the very specific use of this space. Images should refer to the use of this piece, without being vulgar or grotesque.

Some very small plants, porcelain, small containers and many more decoration elements, can beautify your bathroom without incurring higher costs.

Renovating the bathroom – Tiles

Take a look at the tiles. Some may be cracked, broken, or even missing. Repairing these details will give your bathroom a new look. It doesn’t take long to learn how to lay a tile. The essence of installing a tile is patience and precision.

Completely changing the tiles can drastically change the look of the bathroom. The effort may seem like a lot, but it is well worth it and the the costs are not very high.

Finally, and this for those who wish renovate the bathroom at a very, very low cost, but they also have time, patience and a lot of creativity. We can paint the tiles with flowers, abstract figures or trendy local patterns. The price is very cheapBut he wants a lot of work from us. The reward is a renovated, unique and very personal bathroom.

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