Ikea is undoubtedly one of the companies that has the greatest variety of models of all kinds of furniture for all corners of the house, although perhaps in its cabinets this is where we can recreate ourselves and find what we always wanted.

Now that it’s all the rage to have wardrobes and Wardrove which are wide, it seems that Ikea It has been determined that all of its customers have the best model or at least the one that meets their needs, as well as being able to choose from a good number of models that we will find in its catalog.

What do IKEA cabinets look like?

Two door wardrobes: Although I have already mentioned the clear variety of models that we can find at Ikea in terms of cabinets, we have to say that the most common or the best selling are perhaps those with two doors which also have a larger depth and which allow us to save space.

Three door wardrobes: For those of you who have slightly larger houses that allow us to have a larger cabinet, you can opt for the three-door model. The company also offers other even larger models which are four-door wardrobes.

“White clothes” cabinets: This type of wardrobe that IKEA puts forward as models of “white clothes” defines them thus because they are models whose doors are in glass or glass so that we can see what there is has inside and therefore seen it seems that it will be better if we put on the clothes of this color.

Here are some of the models that we will find, almost all in wood, but then you have to add some details or that we can make our own custom wardrobe from the model we see in the catalog or in store.

Ikea 2020 cabinet details

Drawers. Although many cabinet models have drawers inside, it must be said that the firm has models that include these “accessories” in the lower part or in the upper part.

Color: The wardrobes of many houses are generally of “neutral” colors such as white or brown, or even black. In the case of Ikea we have to add that the company has a bit more variety of color schemes and to those mentioned we can also add colors as bright as red.

Mounting: You already know that Ikea furniture can be assembled without problems at home, in the case of your wardrobes we can say that we will find models that stand on legs, while others will be recessed or fixed to the wall.

IKEA wardrobes 2020 – Complete catalog

In the gallery that we show you below, you can see the complete catalog of IKEA cabinets for the 2020 season:

IKEA Cabinets – Previous Editions