Little Sun is a social enterprise of artist Olafur Eliasson and engineer Frederik Ottesen, where they create products to put “the energy of the sun in the palm of your hand”- think of portable solar lights and solar chargers. The company is currently working with furniture giant IKEA to help people living without electricity by creating a series of self-contained and durable tools for everyday life.

IKEA x Little Sun will explore new ways to harness solar energy through design. Through the collaboration, they want to create portable solar lighting and other off-grid solutions for IKEA customers as the two companies reach out to over a billion people who do not have access to electricity. “By democratizing great things, we can give many people access to products that improve daily life, support and encourage independence.“Said Marcus Engman, chief designer at IKEA Range and Supply.”If we can create good democratic design solutions, living off the grid can be sustainable, inexpensive, and ensure independence.

The two companies announced that the new tools will be functional and beautiful and will serve as an introduction to renewable energy. “Little Sun makes solar energy tangible and your world a little more sustainableEliasson said in a press release. “We are very happy to work with IKEA, to raise awareness about energy access and the need for a global union. Together we want to connect the world by sharing the power of the sun with everyone“.

Little Sun says it has brought solar power to more than 10 African countries and that in December 2017 it had distributed 661,578 Little Sun around the world and more than 377,637 lamps went to places where electricity was lacking. Little Sun said he would also like to explore solutions in off-grid communications and water in addition to energy.


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