Swedish giant IKEA has announced the completion of what will be the largest rooftop solar installation in Washington State, United States. The involvement of multinationals in the production of renewable energy is essential for the sector.

This solar installation has 3,268 solar panels that cover more than 22,000 square meters, and produce approximately the equivalent of 886 tonnes of CO2, the annual emissions of 187 cars or the electricity consumed by 131 average households.

This new store will replace the current Renton store and will open this spring.

IKEA currently has solar panels on the roof in nearly 90% of its 43 U.S. stores, many of which are the largest solar installations in their respective states. The company is committed to being self-sufficient, energetically speaking, by 2020, thanks to wind and solar production.

Globally, Ikea has more than 370 stores in 48 countries, mainly concentrated in Europe, East Asia and the United States. According to Ikea Sustainability Director Steve Howard, its stores in Northern Europe are already producing more energy than they consume. His prediction is that the same will happen in the United States soon.

Businesses play a vital role in promoting renewable energy, business innovation, and their investments are growing the clean energy sector at a faster rate. The Ikea case is a clear example.

REC Solar Inc., one of the world’s largest solar panel suppliers, has worked with Ikea on a number of projects around the world, including five new installations in Spain, with a total of 38,000 solar panels installed.

We won’t know for sure whether Renton’s new Ikea store will produce enough electricity to be self-sufficient until it opens in the spring.

Picture: Solar A&R