The living room is, without a doubt, one of the fundamental rooms of the house, because this is where we spend a large part of our free time. Therefore, we are going to show you the IKEA sofa catalog 2020, where you can see a wide variety of options for living rooms and furniture to accommodate it.

IKEA 2020 sofas

The sofas that they have at IKEA are mainly characterized by their modernity, their setting of trends and their quite adjusted price, because most of the models that they sell can cost us much more in any other business. Additionally, IKEA is a huge multinational with stores almost all over the world and a variety of sofas, armchairs and other living room items, so it’s hard for us not to find one you don’t like. .

IKEA 2020 Modular Sofas

It is a type of sofa that has also become fashionable and can already be seen in many houses and they consist of being models of sofa convertible into bed since they allow us to enlarge them, it is a type of convertible sofa in which we can stretch the part of the armchairs to be able to make a bed and also lower the backrest for more comfort. At IKEA they come in all kinds of styles and colors.

IKEA 2020 sofa beds

In modular sofas we can find sofa beds that maybe they are a little bit smaller and they have a bed under or with the fact of becoming so that we can have a rollaway if we have guests. As with the above, at Ikea they have them in different types and colors, besides having various fabrics such as leather or fiber.

IKEA 2020 lounge chair

A type of sofa that currently seems to be very present in homes, although for this we must have sufficient space, it will be the lounge chairs and which are sofas that can usually be two or three seater but also include one in which we can stretch completely. These are sofas which as I said seem to be a trend right now and in fact at Ikea they are sold a lot because they have a great variety of models.

IKEA 2020 leather sofas

Another style of sofa that occurs a lot is that of leather because it is ideal in homes that have a little classic and at the same time minimalist style or in homes where you want to have a stylish sofa. In this way, we can say that they are the best sofas when it comes to having a model that has style even if you have to be careful in its treatment so that it is durable and the skin does not end. by breaking.

As for the more traditional sofas, you can find a bit of everything from more minimalist and functional sofas to more classic sofas, even with baroque touches.

IKEA 2020 fabric sofas

In the different fabrics and materials that we can find among IKEA sofas, we also have fabric sofas. When choosing a sofa, we must take into account such important issues as comfort, whether its material is pleasant to the touch, its color and design, or whether it is the perfect size for us and our living room. Among IKEA’s range of standing sofas you will surely find something you like.

IKEA 2020 armchairs

In the catalog of chairs and armchairs for the living room there is also a great variety. You can find typical rocking chairs or small wicker chairs with an antique aftertaste, to modern swivel chairs like the one you can see in one of the photos we show you below.

Wing chair

The STRANDMON wing chair is one of the most famous models from IKEA, which you can find in different colors and patterns. Without a doubt, this is one of those armchairs that never go out of style and always look great in any room. Moreover, with the great variety of colors and patterns, you can see that it can easily be combined with all kinds of rooms and decorations, from classic to vintage or exotic.

One of the great options that you can find at IKEA is the combination of a wing chair with sound matching footrestNot only in terms of fabric and pattern, but also in terms of the legs of both elements.

Depending on the decor you have chosen, as well as the design of the wing chair you have chosen, it is essential that you consider the color of the walls and pictures or change it to match. perfectly. At the same time, consider the possibility of incorporating a rug that can help you differentiate each of the spaces.

If you are into floral designs, do not lose sight of this print with large roses and that it is important to combine it very well with the rest of the furniture so that there is a good contrast of colors.

Poufs and footstools

Finally, you can also find other elements that, although they are not real sofas, serve to rest in the living room or, at least, to contribute to it. For example, you can get a pouf. There is a wide variety and on top of that, they are usually quite inexpensive. Many people love the cosmopolitan and carefree touch they give to the living room. You can also choose a footrest, so that the comfort of your chair reaches heavenly degrees. Here are some examples of those available from IKEA.

Finally, I would like to add the vast sample that you have in Ikea in all they are the couches, covers for sofas or cushions and which will complete our choice.

IKEA Sofas 2020 – Complete Catalog

In this section we will show you the complete catalog of IKEA sofas and living rooms. Below, you can see all the pages of this catalog, their prices and the characteristics of each of the available items:

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