The research and use of herbs and medicinal plants has increased in recent years. This knowledge goes back several generations, and proof of this is this illustrated MS Vitellius C III manual, from the collection of the British Library. Written over a thousand years ago, it has now been digitized and can be read online by anyone in the world.

The book, illustrated in the 11th century, is filled with recipes for natural herbal treatments that can cure everything from body odor to chest pain. The post contains many details about the plants with healing properties.

The manual lists the name of the installation in several languages; describes the diseases they can treat; and instructions for finding and preparing it.

According to project commissioner Alison Hudson, no one is sure how this manuscript was used, where and by whom it was made. However, it is believed to have taken place in one of the monasteries, which functioned as natural healing centers and also as learning centers and libraries.

The exploration is part of a project of this huge library, organized with the National Library of France and funded by the Fundação Polonsky, to digitize 800 manuscripts from the two European collections until November 2018. The original manuscript can be found see it here.