The supermarket is based on the “take what you need, give what you can” model. In Australia, they opened their first free supermarket with products that would be thrown away.

Everything is free for those who cannot pay, or you can donate as much as you want. This is something we are not used to hearing when we talk about supermarkets.

Following the trend of other countries, Australia opened its first supermarket with products rejected by other supermarkets, restaurants and customers. Created by OzHarvest, a non-governmental organization fighting against food waste, a new supermarket that does not want anything to be thrown away, everything is tried to make the most of it.

Located in Sydney, it goes beyond selling and using labels to manage food waste and its impact on the environment, it is also used to fight hunger. Everything is free for those who cannot pay. Or you can donate the amount that each person wants.

The store offers a wide range of products, including fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, canned food, frozen meals, drinks, personal hygiene products and cleaning products. The shelves are changed weekly, depending on what is collected. Customers are encouraged to donate anything they don’t need.

Australian consumers throw away 20% of the food they buy. 4 million tonnes of food end up in landfills, where they decompose and end up emitting methane, a gas that increases the greenhouse effect.

Australian businesswoman behind OzHarvest, Ronni Kahn, believes this supermarket is a step in the right direction. “Every time we save food, we are helping the planet. Every time we use these foods to feed the hungry, we face social problems, ”Kahn explains in an interview.

OzHarvest works with over 2,500 food donors. “We take back food that cannot be sold by supermarkets and retailers before its expiration date, but is still perfectly safe for consumption,” says Kahn. “If something has expired, that’s no reason to throw it away.”

Khan tells us that OzHarvest plans to open more outlets, both in Sydney and across the country. “We have the capacity to take control of the whole country. It is a replicable model ”.


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