Gardens by the Bay is an area of ​​54 hectares that is home to different types of wildlife. The entire complex is powered by solar energy. Thanks to a sophisticated filtration system, rain and wastewater are purified to supply the huge gardens.

The city of Singapore is committed to making “a city in a garden”. Its “jewel in the crown” is Gardens by the Bay, over 101 hectares in the heart of the new downtown area.

These gardens reproduce a large number of ecosystems present throughout the world, with an obvious technological touch. In the Gardens by the Bay we find a forest of solar trees.

Singapore artificial trees

The so-called “super trees” are 50m tall and combine the best of vertical gardening and solar technology.

In the south garden there are 18 such solar trees, which also function as air conductors for the ventilation of greenhouses. Eleven of them have solar cells that generate electricity and hydraulic technology to help preserve the gardens.