In the future, devices will work when our solar panels produce the most

In the future, Anyone who has a photovoltaic system in their home that uses the Home Connect energy manager will use their renewable energy more efficiently. The Sunny Home Manager, the brain that controls the system SMA smart home, plan the use of the devices according to our needs.

The smart system will tell us when the washing machine, dishwasher or any other appliance needs to be turned on., but also with what specific program.

The system will calculate the power that our photovoltaic plant will produce hour by hour based on the weather forecast that you get through the internet.

The energy manager dthe system logically knows the usual household consumption; he knows our habits, when we wash, when we eat, when we sleep, when we cook. Based on this information, develop a plan to optimize the use of surplus photovoltaic energy and thus know which electrical devices we can use.

And what do we gain from this? good we gain energy independenceBecause if we are able to organize the consumption of our house according to the energy that our photovoltaic systems are able to generate, we will not have to be connected to the commercial electricity grid. Also and never negligible the economic savings by reducing our electricity consumption in case of connection to the commercial network.

There are already many brands of household appliances that integrate this energy manager into their devices, such as Bosch or Siemens, to name just a few of the most important. It is clear that the more device manufacturers will use the EEBus standard in the future, the simpler and more comprehensive home energy management will be.. If everyone speaks the same language, the coordination of electrical devices in the system will be perfect and, therefore, the effective reduction in energy costs will also be greater.

All this type of new technologies applied to energy efficiency, combined with the new family of electric home batteries that are about to hit the market, in the case of the Tesla Powerwall, will already make it possible to have a home. autonomous and energy efficient. It is not a dream of the future, but it is something common in any house in the world.

The problem with this type of technology today is undoubtedly its high initial investment, an investment that over time will pay off and even lower our energy costs. Popularization of technology will make it more accessible to the general public in the future.