Inauguration of Argentina's first solar city

The first autonomous photovoltaic plant is located in Jujuy and uses lithium batteries.

Last Friday, January 25, a Autonomous photovoltaic plant which will provide electricity to the entire community of Olaroz Chico through storage in lithium-ion batteries, an innovative technology that makes this city the FIRST SOLAR CITY in Argentina. QMAX, an Argentinian company pioneer in the production of equipment for renewable energies, participated in the design of this project, with the energy companies of Jujuy EJESA, EJSEDSA and battery specialists VZH.

The renewable solar energy self-supply system was jointly designed by engineers from EJESA, QMAX and VZH with the financing and management of the government of Jujuy. This system is a model for our country because it is one of the first examples in South America of a solar micro-grid with lithium storage.

La Puna JujeƱa, has one of the largest solar irradiations in the world and is one of the largest natural reserves of lithium, so it is important that the inhabitants of Olaroz Chico are pioneers in the use of energy. solar energy with lithium accumulation and that national development companies such as QMAX and VZH get involved in this project.

The city used a diesel generator with high costs, intermittent supply and great pollution. Today you can enjoy the silence, clean air and clean electric power.

Technology allows all populations to have energy independence without pollution.

This is a big step in the transformation towards a clean and sustainable energy matrix at the national level. A beautiful stage on a path which has just started and which will be reproduced in many other cities.

QMAX, a leading electronics company for renewable energy, founded in 2001 by three electronics students passionate about nature and technology. With the aim of achieving a more efficient and sustainable use of electrical energy, they are developing current inverters that manage the production, storage and consumption of energy in homes and businesses.


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