India is the third most polluting country in the world. Its commitment in the Paris agreement is to achieve 40% of renewable energy consumption by 2030. A very ambitious goal that has hit the development of the country and the improvement of the lives of millions of poor people.

But on May 9, something happened that we should celebrate, at the state of Rajasthan electricity auction, the price of solar energy fell 40%, a historic reduction. Phelan Energy and Avaada Power offered solar power at € 0.037 per kilowatt hour, beating the previous best offer of € 0.06 per kWh in February.

And it is that they are not satisfied with what was signed in Paris, India already points to 57% of renewable energies for 2017. An almost fatal blow to the production of electricity with coal.

The success of renewable energy in India is largely due to foreign investment. Large multinationals trust a country where their Prime Minister and their Minister of Energy talk every day about the importance of clean energy for their country.

Development and environmental conservation can work together.

India begins installing solar panels on trains to reduce diesel consumption