A huge inverted umbrella capable of converting rainwater into drinking water and, incidentally, generating electricity from the sun to maintain the system and provide scattered lighting or a charging station for mobile phones. This is what he offers Ulta Chaata, a pioneering system created by an Indian couple to meet both challenges in one session. And the invention works.

Inspired by different inverted structures they saw on a trip to Europe, the Indian couple formed by Samit and Priya Choksi, an engineer and herself an architect, transferred this concept to the idea they were working for. collect rainwater during the monsoon months and filter it so that it is safe for human consumption. But these entrepreneurs wanted to go further in their creation so that after the rainy season, the system is not in disuse, but captures the energy of the sun for different purposes.

The couple, who launched the Start ThinkPhi then created Ulta Chaata, a large inverted umbrella that serves both purposes. For this, the design itself promotes the collection of water during the rainy season which, once captured, passes into a filtration chamber in which the solids in the water are reduced, which is also subjected to a process. disinfection to convert it to drinking water. .

When the rainy season ends, the Flexible solar panels with Ulta Chaata capture energy from the sun, which can be used to provide scattered lighting at night, with which these umbrellas would make classic floor lamps unnecessary. In addition, solar energy collected with this invention would power other types of external devices, as well. It could also work as a charging point, for example for cellphones. All this is simplified thanks to the batteries incorporated in this large inverted umbrella which, thanks to an algorithm, ensures that the energy is distributed in the most efficient way possible.

The possibility of control Ulta Chaata from your mobile phone and the incorporation in the system of sensors for the collection of data in real time and the sending of alerts for maintenance complete the invention of this Start India. The inverted umbrellas, designed to measure and can therefore have different dimensions, are guaranteed for ten years.

More information in ThinkPhi.