InfinityPV HeLi-on, the solar pocket battery charger

The infinityPV HeLi-on is the world’s most compact portable solar charger, the first portable solar charger with organic cells based on polymers, based on a new generation of photovoltaic technology produced with organic materials. Fits in your pocket and the solar panel can be rolled up or unfolded when you need it. Inside HeLi-on, there is a powerful solar panel with a battery, so you can generate and store solar energy. HeLi-on is an ultra-compact tube where a solar panel and a battery are coiled.

The HeLi-on mobile solar charger combines three key components into one product:

  • A powerful solar panel to generate renewable energy.
  • A battery to store the energy generated.
  • Efficient electronics.

All functions are combined with a lightweight, ergonomic design for added convenience. HeLi-on will allow you to charge your smartphone in 2-3 hours (depending on specific conditions) when you need it and where you need it.

Helion charging mobilesHelion mobile charging with battery

They were funded by an active campaign in Kickstarter where they achieved their economic goal of being able to manufacture it commercially.

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You can charge an external device in two ways: Unwind the solar panel and charge directly with sunlight or use the internal battery, when you have no access to the sun.

The internal battery can be charged with any USB charger or with the solar panel. The HeLi-on charger is compatible with any USB charging device, including: smartphones, flashlights, cameras, handheld game consoles, portable radios, etc.

The world’s most compact solar charger?

When we say that HeLi-en is the most compact solar charger in the world, it is because of its dimensions, only 11.3 x 3.6 x 2.8 centimeters for a weight of 105 grams.

HeLi-on is powered by a flexible solar cell sheet made by infinityPV. Solar cells are less than 2 microns thick, but they are encapsulated in a protective foil on both sides. This makes the total thickness of the solar panel less than one millimeter.


HeLi-on interior technology.

InfinityPV uses polymer-based solar cells that are part of this company’s third-generation solar cells, also known as organic solar cells. The entire solar cell is made with renewable, non-toxic materials. Solar cells are printed directly onto a thin sheet of plastic using optimized printing machines.

They chose these solar cells for HeLi-on because they are the only technology that is thin and rollable enough to fit the product. Its flexibility introduces new design options.

Solar cells and modules are connected “endlessly” during printing, without the need for soldering.

Battery and electronics.

Inside the HeLi-on charger, they placed a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 2600 milliamps per hour. The capacity of this battery is comparable to that of the latest smartphones (163% of iPhone 5s, 139% of iPhone 6 and 92% of iPhone 6 +).

HeLi-on is designed to achieve the best charging efficiency at all times and in all weather conditions by using tracking electronics to measure the maximum power point. The electronics ensure that the solar panel can charge the battery or an external device at all times. HeLi-on also has an LED charge indicator that shows the battery level.

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InfinityPV, is a Danish cooperative specialized in the production of cells, materials and instrumentation for organic photovoltaic technology. He started marketing products a year ago. Its director, Frederik C. Krebs, is a recognized researcher in the sector. Some Spanish researchers graduated from the Polytechnic University of Cartagena (UPCT) are working on infinityPV. InfinityPV is a horizontal cooperative, where all of its workers share ownership and responsibilities equally.

You can buy HeLi-on here priced at $ 92, with free shipping worldwide.


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