Installation begins for the largest floating solar project in California
Via Heaven & Earth

The construction of what will be the the largest floating solar system in the state of California It started in the city of Windsor.

The 1.78 MW system is being installed by Ciel & Terre in a recycled water storage tank in the city of Windsor.

It will supply 90% of the electricity needs of the treatment and pumping station.


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The modules will be mounted on Ciel et Terre’s Hydrelio floating rack system. Everything will be anchored to the shore.

Ciel et Terre has signed an electricity purchase contract (PPA) with the city authorities for a period of 25 years.

By signing a PPA, the city can significantly reduce its overall energy expenditure without any investmentSaid Eva Pauly-Bowles, CEO of Ciel & Terre USA. “Floating solar power is becoming an attractive energy alternative for municipalities looking to lower their operating costs and preserve high-value land for other projects“He added.

The installed system covers 22% of the water surface with the possibility of expansion in the future.

Craig Gini, Vice President and General Manager, Renewable Energy, Installer Company Collins Electrical Company, said: “Floating solar power is a great alternative to conventional solar panels and their installation is simpler and faster. We expect more California customers to install floating solar systems in the coming months.“.