One of the most important issues to consider in interior design and decoration is lighting. The intention sought and the effect achieved can vary substantially due to incorrect light treatment. So the decoration and the lighting go hand in hand, it is not possible to get a good result if we separate them.

Passing places

The corridor, the business card of a house, must make a good impression. We will use a lamp directed towards the ceiling as general light and a lamp to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For the corridor, appliques are recommended, if they are too long they can be accompanied by small lamps or spotlights directed to the centers of interest.

Soothing light for the bedroom

General lighting should not be placed on the ceiling, it bothers the bed; it is preferable to opt for wall lights, floor lamps, spotlights or recessed indirect lights. There should also be specific lighting beside the bed, at a height that allows a book to be lit without the light reaching our face. Installing light inside the cabinets makes it easier to find clothes.

Decoration and lighting to see what is cooked

In the kitchen it is essential to create different types of lighting suitable for each activity. To the general lighting, in charge of fluorescent or built-in spotlights, specific lighting is added for each workplace. A very successful solution is to install light at the bottom of tall cabinets. They shed light on the bench, do not create shadows and do not bother the eyes.

In the bathroom, abundant and flattering light

LED lighting is an ideal solution for general bathroom lighting due to the clarity and intensity of the light it provides. Spotlights on both sides of the mirror will allow you to shave or make up with a better view. For these lamps, opaque or translucent materials should be chosen, such as acid glass, which avoids reflection without reducing glare.

The room: the most difficult piece to light

In a living room, the combination of decoration and lighting becomes more complex as there are different points of interest. A general light based on diffused lights directed towards the walls allows us to have an overview. Table lamps create an immersive atmosphere in the meeting area, floor lamps are ideal for reading corners. To watch television, the light must be placed behind the screen to avoid reflections and not impair your vision. Spotlights are the solution to light up centers of interest.

In the dining room the light always comes from above

The ideal is to create a light projected downwards thanks to a lampshade with lampshade that hides the lamps, centered on the table and 90 centimeters from the table plane and with a dimmer switch. The goal is to illuminate the dishes and the table without dazzling diners. This general light can be accompanied by a dot that highlights an object or painting of special interest.