In Wood Me we talk about interior doors, the different styles and types that we can place inside the house, as well as the ability to clean and maintain them so that they are always perfect.

Before we start to see what type of interior doors we can have in our home, we must explain that these doors will be all those that are inside the house as they are, the doors to the kitchen, to the bathroom. bathroom, dining room or any room. .

Interior doors. Types and styles

Classic interior doors:

  • The doors that we can consider as “classic” among the interior models will be those that are wood Especially because it is one of the first materials that were used during the construction and realization of houses.
  • These types of doors are still found in many homes, although they can also be mixed with other materials and which can be glass, or aluminum, or even wrought iron.
  • However, we must talk about the type of wood that will be used to make the interior doors. The most common is to use mahogany or cedar, and these are very resistant woods that allow you to work on them at a thickness necessary for this type of element.

Modern interior doors:

  • The modern doors that we can place inside our own house will also be doors in wood but also in other materials as we mentioned above.
  • In this way we can find, for example, doors that have crystals, a type or style of door that often occurs in home kitchens.
  • Also among the modern interior doors, we will also find those which present drawings or engravings on the wood or even those which are sliding, a style which is found as well in the rooms, as in the kitchen or in the bathroom, only in homes that have a modern decorative style such as minimalist.
  • Another style to consider as a modern door, will be those which are made of sheets of PVC.

Rustic interior doors:

  • The rustic decorative style is a style based on the inspiration of all that has to do with nature, so we can also find it among interior doors.
  • This type of door, which can also be considered among the classics, can be made of wood such as walnut or cherry; Woods on the other hand more expensive than others like mahogany or cedar, so many people choose to paint or “stain” the doors in a color that simulates a much more rustic effect.

Lacquered interior doors:

  • Finally, and among the styles or types of doors for the interior of the house, we must talk about those that are lacquered and that seem to be the latest fashion.
  • Lacquered doors are distinguished by a glossy or final finish that allows them to harmonize with a modern and current decoration.
  • We can place this type of door for any room in the house, even if the lacquered effect requires “special” care to allow this shine to last.

How to clean interior doors:

  • Depending on the area of ​​the house where our interior door is located, it can stain more or less, although the truth is that the most common is that we can clean them using just a little soap and hot water.
  • The noble wood doors, not made of conglomerates or plates, can also be cleaned with specific products for this purpose.
  • In the case of doors that are lacquerWe should use soap and a little water, as we have already mentioned, and no detergents. For deeper or more difficult to remove stains, we can use a little alcohol on a clean cloth, which we will rub gently on the stain and then dry with another cloth.

Video of interior doors:

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