Solar roaster in Peru

The sun is a source of energy that can be used to roast coffee in a sustainable way, and which has tried to demonstrate the Rural Sector Support Group of the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP), with the first project of this type developed in South America, where they verified and verified that it is possible to roast coffee in an economical and easily reproducible way, while contributing to the protection of the environment.

The project is called Intikallana, which in Quechua means “solar roasterAnd aims to provide rural areas in Peru with a cheap and sustainable way to roast this product.

Solar roaster

what Rural Sector Support Group is organic coffee from culture to cup, by focusing on the development of a roasting process that does not harm the environment, unlike the energies traditionally used in rural areas: firewood, gas or electricity. Without forgetting also big economic savings to use this clean energy Assumed.

Solar roaster

Roasting coffee requires a temperature of around 200 degrees Celsius, achieved through a solar concentrator Scheffler reflector type. These solar reflectors are often used for cooking and steam generation in developing countries. From this appliance, a stainless steel and aluminum toaster was designed.

Solar roaster Peru

After several tests, they succeeded in building 4 prototypes of economical and efficient solar roasters. They tested temperatures, radiation, rotational speeds and how much coffee to use, among other variables, until a final product was suitable for consumption and marketing. The quality control was carried out by the company COCLA, and the coffee obtained will be sold to the PUCP (in the region of Tinkuy), and to the roaster Bisetti in the Peruvian district of Barranco.

They hope that this solar development, which has proven to be sustainable and possible, can lay the groundwork for future research and studies aimed not only at replicating the project, but at building larger and more complex industrial models, in Peru and the United States. abroad, which contribute to a greater use of clean energy in the processing of products, avoiding the use of chemicals and promoting energy savings.

Here is a video where you can see some of the tests carried out and on Intikallana Operating.


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