Invisible Cell, a new generation of photovoltaic modules

The aesthetics of solar panels will never be an issue again. With Invisible Cell, the panels on the facades of houses and businesses go from capturing the sun’s energy to also becoming an element in the service of design and aesthetics. Mandalas, artwork reproductions, flower arrangements and even company logos; Everything has its place in these panels which not only show these patterns but, with them, make a play of lights work at nightfall thanks to the LED lighting that they integrate.

The proposal starts from Italian company Invent, the same that Techtile launched on the market years ago, another solution to capture solar energy without loss of aesthetics, through tiles completely integrated into the roofs, from which the energy was obtained without it being practically noticeable. Now, with Invisible Cell, the firm is responding to the same challenge from a totally opposite plan: to hide a panel, as happened with Techtile, to display it and incorporate it as a more aesthetic for where it is installed.

Invisible cell

And it is that any option that presents itself to one is part of this new generation of black panels, in which are reproduced designs as varied as symbols of peace, works of art or any other motif as, in addition, when the light, LED lighting strip to create pulsed light sets that enhance the aesthetic effect of the modules. Mandalas or floral motifs can be replaced in companies by logos or other designs that are displayed on their facades and help strengthen the brand image.

Invisible cell photovoltaic modules

Although Invisible Cell turns solar energy harvesting facilities upside down so that they become a central element of architecture and design, all it offers is not aesthetic. Its capacity to capture solar energy remains intact and indeed offers a better response than other solutions on the market.

With glass plates up to four millimeters, on the standard width, these the modules have a high resistance and obtain the same performance as any other panel market, which shows that efficiency and aesthetics are not at odds in a pioneering solution that makes solar panels something to be bragged about, not only for betting on sustainable energy sources, but also for bring them closer to the art world.

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