Is solar energy worth it?

Solar energy is a good option because it has a positive impact both on the environment and on our family economy.

Betting on alternative modes of energy production and consumption has always been a necessity due to limited resources, but nowadays it is more and more so. The constant increase in pollution levels, the depletion of resources and the rise in electricity prices are pushing more and more people to opt for the Personal consumption of energy. And in this option, the most common is to opt for solar energy. With the popularization of this system, myths and hoaxes that attempt to discredit the use of this type of energy have also become common. However, using the Sun in this way for cheap, secure and renewable energy is a very good option.

Some say that these types of installations are expensive and unprofitable, but the reality is very different. While it is true that, like any large facility, it is an expense; it is more than amortized. The first few years it will take to pay off the investment, but from then on, the electricity will be completely free. Otherwise, the whole life is subject to payment of the electricity bill, regardless of its price.

Speaking of expenses, many people also fear the so-called “Sun Tax”. This is a tax included in Royal Decree 900/2015, but it only concerns installations connected to networks exceeding 10 kW of power, so most single-family homes are exempt. And while it does apply, the savings over a normal bill continue to make up for it.

Beyond the purely economic, obtaining solar energy is very positive for the planet and for our health. We will help reduce our carbon footprint and avoid all negative effects derived from other types of energy and its extraction. If everyone opted for self-consumption and renewable energies, everyone’s quality of life would be much better.

Another myth that needs to be dispelled and which in many cases is due to ignorance is the belief that solar panels only work when the weather is good. The more sun and heat, the better they will give, but they also work perfectly even if we cannot see the light. Thus, once installed, we will have nothing to do beyond the mandatory annual reviews, which ensure the proper functioning and security of the private installation.

And once the panels have finished their useful life, after the years, their disposal does not pollute the environment either, as the panels can be almost completely recycled (about 90%). This is so because they are made of glass and aluminum.

In short, solar energy is worth it because it has a positive effect not only on the environment but also on our personal economy. Since it does not require a lot of maintenance and is easy to install, it is a simple and achievable option for many families.