Zero waste supermarket

Imagine the economic savings and waste reduction that the not have packaged products, Imagine trading unnecessary packaging for honesty and product quality. Well, this is not science fiction, there is such a supermarket, the first zero waste supermarket in the world.

Two German girls opened the world’s first zero waste supermarket in Berlin, where no packaged product is sold and invites its buyers to bring their own container to fill it with the products they sell in bulk. Something that today seems like a big novelty but that our grandparents have already done in their daily life.

Berlin 0 waste supermarket

Most of the products that can be found in any supermarket today come with eye-catching packaging, packaging meant to end up in the landfill because it is unnecessary, most of it plastic. Is it necessary for our food to come with so much packaging? This is the idea behind Original unverpackt, a supermarket concept that wants to reduce waste and confusion by adding transparency to our shopping list.


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It’s about buying differently, putting an end to the endless shelves full of products that promise you eternal life, shopping without waste. We’re looking for slow food, zero waste, and we’re against those eco-conscious buzzwords that some brands use to mislead us.

Zero waste supermarket products (5)

Instead of the packaging battle for the products we have now, where every aisle is a barrage of ads vying for our trust and attention, We have the products from this supermarket where you can carefully choose and test each product they offer by presenting them as they are.

The world's first zero waste supermarket

Buyers are welcome to bring their own containers to buy in bulk, where the information, characteristics, including nutritional composition and its origin, are clearly indicated. If you don’t bring your own containers, they’ll lend you reusable ones or recycled paper bags.

Zero waste supermarket products (4)

Even vodka is bought in bulk at this store.

Zero waste supermarket products (3)
Zero waste supermarket products (1)

Pasta, legumes, nuts, whatever you need.

Zero waste supermarket products (6)

This This could not only reduce the pollution produced by the packages, but also food waste.. If we eliminate unnecessary packaging, purchases of products that we buy without a real need would be reduced, simply because it gets in our eyes.

Creators of the world's first zero waste supermarket

Milena Glimbovski and Sara Wolf, the creators of Original Unverpackt, have been working on their business plan since November 2012. After making the necessary investment thanks to a German crowdfunding, doubling their initial objective, their store is a success and they are already planning to open their second store .

They even teach you on their website how to start your own zero waste supermarket.