JA Solar presents modules up to 800 W to revolutionize the solar sector

Photovoltaic module manufacturers boost the solar sector with the launch of high efficiency and high power solar panels during the SNEC PV Power Expo, the largest solar technology event in China, based in Shanghai.

During the event, JA Solar exhibited his Ultra high power 800 W (810 W) module, the most powerful of all those presented at the show.

Innovation and technological development are part of JA Solar’s DNA. This launch reinforces our commitment to our customers but also to the environment, by launching more and more advanced and efficient products that go in the direction of reducing the LCOE (Cost of Energy Level) of a solar system by increasing the scale of use of these systems.

Felipe Santos, JA Solar Sales Director.

The second highest power panel, 780W, was launched by Tongwei. And Trina Solar showcased its ultra-high power 660W module, with an optimized product design, which adds to the 600W version, which launched three weeks ago.

Also during the fair, Jinko Solar presented its new generation of high efficiency Tiger Pro 610 W. According to the manufacturer, the conversion efficiency of this module can reach 22.3%.

The search for better module efficiency has motivated the international photovoltaic industry to produce larger solar panels connected by more cells.

Proof of this is the presentation, at the show, of modules with insert sizes of 157.75 mm which gradually increased to 158.75 mm, 161 mm, 166 mm, 182 mm and 210 mm until reaching 217 mm x 217 mm. The latter module presented by Zhonghuan Semiconductor.

Other manufacturers also presented new products at SNEC 2020:

Business Product Technology W Efficiency (%)
JinkoSolar Tiger Pro N-type 78-cell bifacial module Tile tape, MBB 610 22.31
JA Solar JumboBlue 1/3 cut, 11MB, PERC 800 20.50
Tongwei PERC, single shingle module G12 Shingle module + G12, large plate 760-780 21.90
Trina Solar Mountain peak MBB, non-destructive cutting, high density encapsulation 660 21.20
Solar LONGi Super high Hi-MO 5 module Gallium doped wafer + half cut + 9BB 540 21.1
Canadian solar HiKu6 PERC combination 590 9:30 p.m.
Resurrected TITAN 600W + PERC, half cut, 12BB 615 21.2
GCL-SI GCL-M12 / 50GDF 1/3 cut, non-destructive cut + high density encapsulation 505 20.8
Suntech Ultra PERC, MBB, 1/3 cut 605 9:30 p.m.
Yingli Green Bifacial panda 1/3 cut, 9BB 550 21.6
Seraphim IBS all black half cut Half cut, MBB, PERC 530 8:30 p.m.
Solar LDK Mono 210, large size 1/3 cut, PERC + SE, MBB 500 22.40
Jinergy Super high mono PERC Half cut, MBB, HJT 510 /
SPIC 156-cell white backsheet, half-cut IBC 6BB half cut 505 21.6
ZNshine Solar 150 cells, 10MB, mono PERC 10MB, anti-PID degradation 520 21.79
Solar DZS G12-66P bifacial Shingle module + large G12 plate 635 22.1
Jolywood Niwa® Super615W high efficiency bifacial Topcon, 11BB 615 22.10
EGing High efficiency MBB SE + PERC module doped with gallium Gallium doped MBB, SE + PERC, cut 1/3 545 21.20
HT-SAAE 78 cells, half cut, mono, single glass module Half cut, 9BB 595 21.3
Talesun BISTAR PRO Half cut + 10BB 590 21.0
HV solar group Mount Tai 6.0 Interconnection, PERC, MBB, high density encapsulation 600 21.71
CECEP Large 182 cell wafer MBB, half cut, PERC, non-destructive cut 540 twenty one

Photovoltaic energy integrated into buildings.

A key difference from this year’s SNEC was that many manufacturers, such as LONGi Solar, Jinko Solar, Yingli Green and Talesun, launched BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) products – solutions that integrate photovoltaic systems into the design. and the architecture of the most diverse constructions.

Among the products launched is the first BIPV color curtain wall in China, consisting of five color combinations: black, blue, purple, red and green, presented by JinkoSolar. The company intends to open a new green construction market with diversified projects.