Photovoltaic solar energy

Mitsubishi Electric Corp. will provide a 50 megawatt energy storage system to the Japanese electricity company Kyushu Electric Power Co., and thus be able to store the excess energy produced in the country by renewable energies. With this, they will increase their efficiency and will be able to enjoy 100% of their green energy production.

These types of storage systems are designed to store and provide a constant supply of renewable energy regardless of production, weather conditions or even overnight.

Renewable energy solar panels

The system, which includes sodium sulfide batteries manufactured by NGK Insulators Ltd., will be installed at a power plant in Fukuoka Prefecture. The battery network will cover an area of ​​14,000 m2 in the Japanese city of Buzen and will be able to supply some 30,000 homes.

When it operates at 100% capacity, it will be the largest in the world.

The batteries will be installed at the end of March 2016, according to the official statement provided by the company.

Storage systems have become the great allies of renewable energies in recent years. The big problem with the electrical energy generated by solar panels or wind turbines was their intermittence, they could not guarantee a constant supply of energy. Now, there are solutions on the market both on a large scale and the one we talked about today, as well as on a small scale, for home use, like the Tesla Powerwall battery, the battery that promises to get you going. at your house. commercial power grid.