JinkoSolar revolutionizes the sector and launches the Tiger Pro panel with an output power of 580W, a record breaking photovoltaic solar panel.

The world’s largest producer of solar panels has announced the official launch of its flagship Tiger Pro 2020 solar panel series, which introduces several energy efficiency innovations in three flagship models.

Jinkosolar 580W photovoltaic solar panel

This new series of solar panels can generate a maximum power of 580W, approximately 40% more than current conventional solar panels installed in large-scale projects.

All these high power density panels have the innovative 9BB and TR technology, which allows them to greatly improve their performance with a 21.6% conversion rate.

This series of solar panels has great advantages, such as excellent performance of power generation, as well as output temperature coefficient. But in addition to these two advantages, it should be noted that the Tiger Pro series has the lower power attenuation rate (only 2% the first year) and the best open circuit voltage.

At reduce product cost Compared to conventional solar panels, the highly efficient Tiger Pro series paves the way for high power inverters. Mass production of these solar panels is slated for the third quarter of 2020. It is also expected to become a development trend for industry and an option for utility projects.

The Tiger Pro series enables the construction of more powerful and efficient solar parks with a higher and faster return on investment for projects with more demanding technical and efficiency requirements. This technology is expected to be the most widely used in the next generation of the industry and hence stimulate the development of the photovoltaic industry.

Kangpung Chen, CEO of JinkoSolar.

JinkoSolar takes advantage of the production of solar panels with a power greater than 500W. Although Risen announced in March that it had signed a contract with Malaysian company Tokai Engineering for the supply of its new high-efficiency 500W photovoltaic solar panels.

At the end of April, it was Trina Solar which announced that the German TUV Rheinland had completed the certification of solar panels with an output power of 515.8W (known as the Vertex solar panel).

And a few days ago, the Chinese company JA Solar also joined the race, announcing that it has set a new industry record by exceeding 525W of output power under “normal” test conditions, and is planning to launch its own panel. High power solar photovoltaic by the end of 2020.

Tiger PRO solar panel presentation video


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