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KaliPAK is a portable solar generator that gives you all the energy you need when you don’t have electricity on hand. This portable generator uses high efficiency folding solar panels for its charging. You can charge 85% of the battery in sunny weather. It can generate up to 600 Wh, enough to charge smartphone over 100 times, laptop 10-15 times and provide up to 120 hours of light. The package weighs a little over 6 kg.

Whether it’s a natural disaster or just because you want to be away from it all for a weekend, having your own power source is great. But generators can be very big and heavy, and not environmentally friendly. But KaliPAK has arrived, a portable solar power generator that you can carry on your back as it is the size of a backpack, weighs just over 6 kg.

KaliPAK portable solar generator

Portable, lightweight and durable, KaliPAK gives you all the renewable energy you need charge your devices with 4 USB charging ports, is also equipped with Bluetooth technology to facilitate connection to smartphones.

Front of the portable solar generator KaliPAK

In addition to being powered by the solar panels it integrates, KaliPAK In an emergency, it can also be charged with the car battery or by connecting directly to the power grid.

The KaliPAK is intended for outdoor enthusiasts, campers who don’t want to give up essential electrical devices, extreme sports enthusiasts, rescue teams, tactical powertrains, field engineers, environmental missions that operate in places where electrical infrastructure is non-existent, and a long etcetera.

3 models have been designed according to the power they can generate and your needs.

Uses of the KaliPAK portable solar generator.

You can charge multiple devices – anything you can charge from a USB or car outlet. Plus, when fully charged, the KaliPAK can provide up to 200 hours of battery life for an LED bulb (included), or 60 hours for a powerful LED spotlight, and you’ll also have plenty of power to charge phones, radios or laptops. The estimates below refer to a fully charged KaliPAK-601:

portable solar generator autonomy
portable solar generator uses

This project also includes a solidarity component; for 5 units sold, one will be donated to the PowerAfrica project, intended to provide electricity to African communities who have no resources.

From the company, they inform us that they are working on a portable wind turbine which they connect to KaliPAK, so that it can store both solar and wind energy.


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KaliPAK will be available very soon in the United States and Eastern Europe at a price that can vary between 250 and 750 euros.