Kelp, properties, uses and benefits
Kelp, properties, uses and benefits. Image: Iktor Kochetkov – Shutterstock.

Kelp is the name given to various groups of algae which, thanks to their high content of vitamins and minerals, are used as a food supplement and offer great benefits to those who consume them, improve metabolism, aiding digestion and are even used to lose weight. A real super food!

These algae high nutritional content is a perfect addition to any dietSince they can contain even ten times more minerals than vegetables and fruits or any land plant.

Kelp is found in shallow waters around the world and has a greenish brown color. The countries of the East, in particular Japan and China, are the biggest consumers of this plant.

Health Benefits of Kelp.

Thanks to their high vitamin content, these algae offer many health benefits.

It’s a source of minerals such as calcium and iodine and vitamins K and E which give it antioxidant properties, being one of the most complete natural supplements for the human body.

  • It is often used as appetite suppressant, recommended especially for people following a weight loss diet because it accelerates the metabolism and also has the property of expanding in the stomach providing a feeling of fullness.
  • The amino acids it also contains benefits digestion, because they are responsible for regulating all metabolic processes and optimally storing the nutrients contained in food.
  • Likewise, fiber and algin, other of its components, act as digestive and antidiarrhoeal stabilize bowel activity, as well as help control gas, prevent gas and prevent constipation.
  • Algae also have the property of regulate cholesterol levels in the body, it maintains constant blood pressure and is recommended for patients with cholesterol problems.
  • Kelp is recommended for cleanse and purify the arteries since it has anticoagulant effects, at the same time it regulates the functioning of the thyroid gland and protects from the damaging effects of heavy metals and radiation, helping to cleanse the body of these toxins.
  • It is often used to reduce stress levels because it provides a naturally relaxing effect and it is a good treatment for general fatigue.

Cosmetic uses of kelp.

Seaweed doesn’t just serve as a vitamin supplement, it’s a great source of nutrients benefit from the regeneration of various parts of the bodyThey also provide vitality and energy.

The nutritional properties of kelp are used by the cosmetics industryMany makeup products or face creams include it among their components, these are recommended for those who want a deep nourishing effect because it revitalizes the skin.

Likewise his high content of vitamins K and E prevents aging and the appearance of wrinkles, preventing the formation of free radicals, chemicals that age the body, keeping the skin fresher for longer.

They are effective in acne treatment, in which case it is recommended to use it as a natural face mask, as it will work directly on the affected area and remove blackheads and fat accumulations.

Your vitamins too regenerate fragile body tissues such as nails and hair, giving them more hardness, vitality and shine.

Consumption of kelp.

Seaweed kelp They are easily accessible, they can be found in pharmacies or health food stores, they come in different presentations and it is up to the user to choose the one that suits him best.

The most common forms of consumption are Kelp capsules sold as a vitamin supplement and appetite suppressant, it is recommended to take one tablet at least one hour before each meal to obtain the desired effect.

They are also available in powderIn this case, it is advisable to use it in meals as if it were regular salt and they act as a substitute.

For its use as a face mask, it is suggested to mix the kelp with clay and water to form a cream with a pasty consistency, which should be applied to the face like any cosmetic product for about 20 or 30 minutes, then removed with water.

If you want to use it as a natural cleanser, it is advisable to add a tablespoon of seaweed powder to a cup of boiled water, let sit overnight and you should consume three cups of this infusion throughout. the next day.

Adverse effects of kelp.

Although kelp is natural and rarely has negative health effects its excessive consumption can have certain harmful effects on the bodyThat is why it is important not to exceed the indicated dose.

Consumption of this plant is not recommended for people who suffer from thyroid problems, because one of its functions is to stimulate this gland which could, in these cases, produce an imbalance in the metabolism.

Remember to consult your medical specialist whenever you plan to incorporate a new food or supplement into your diet.