Keeping the swimming pool in good condition is an essential condition to be able to enjoy it all year round, and not just during the summer. Let’s see all the Keys to keep the pool clean.

Keys to keep the pool clean

Keys to keep the pool clean

First of all, you must check the color of your swimming pool water. If you notice that it is cloudy or greenish, it is because you have a maintenance problem, so you may need to change this water, but so that you do not have to do the experiment again and not have to pay again by changing the water each season, it will be essential Follow a series of essential guidelines to keep your pool always clean. Among these we have:

  • Trust a good water circulation system;
  • Clean the baskets, filters;
  • Check and clean the sand filter;
  • Disinfected the swimming pool with chlorine;
  • Check the pH;
  • Periodically insert a good anti-algae, to prevent the growth of insidious algae.

To do all this, it will take find products and disinfectants forSuitable for preventing the spread of bacteria and promoting their elimination. But how much chlorine should you put in? What should be the correct dose? Let’s see this together!

Keys to keep the pool clean

What products should never be missing

Take a pen and paper, as you will need to have 4 products immediately:

  • Chlorine : useful for disinfecting water. Have you ever seen a clean swimming pool without chlorine? It is one of the first products to be used when opening the swimming pool in summer.
  • Anti-algae : you have to say goodbye to the green dots. A good anti-algae product not only removes those that are present, but more importantly, prevents more spots from forming. In addition, algae are a plant that damages the pool (bottom and edges) and pollutes the water.
  • PH stabilizer : The correct pH values ​​should always be observed, because if they are too high, they tend to counteract the chlorine by mistake. And if they are too low, they cause strong acidity in the water. The latter problem causes problems and irritation to the skin and eyes. The value to be maintained is between 7.2 and 7.6.
  • Flocculant: is optimal to guarantee maximum efficiency of the filtration system. This way, there is no risk of dirt loss, but you can gradually remove the debris. And these will easily flee.

Actions and things to do to keep the pool clean

Keys to keep the pool clean

To these products, we can also add others, as well as some functions which are essential to keep the pool clean.

  • Hard water: Hard water with many minerals can cause the structure of your above ground pool to change, which is sensitive to color and to the presence of stains caused by the oxidation of minerals which are particularly present in the water. The spread of this phenomenon can cause problems with the filtration system, which can lead to other health problems and / or damage to the pump. Applying a descaling product and Flocculant It is a very effective way to prevent and eradicate the accumulation of minerals in a swimming pool in the presence of hard water.
  • Keep the water clean with a chemical dispenser: Unlike other types of chemicals, chlorine tablets can be dispersed in water using a chemical dispenser, which is a system that can maintain optimal chlorine levels for several days by adjusting simply the release knob. Depending on the settings, the dispenser constantly releases chlorine into the water; Perfect maintenance is organized on time, or if you go away for long periods without the possibility of maintaining the pool. Important: Always read the instructions and check how many tablets need to be added to your dispenser for the best performance and to make sure the pool is receiving the amount of chlorine needed.
  • Water change: With proper application and maintenance of chemicals and pH levels under control, it should not be necessary to change the water too frequently during the season (sometimes it is necessary, if used intensively with many people and high temperatures), but it won’t hurt if you do this at least at the start of the season and most importantly, take advantage of the moment you empty the pool to do a deep cleaning.
  • Avoid coloring and bleaching: Lotions, tanning creams and sunscreens can cause stains in the water and on the pool cover; They can also form an oily film on the surface. Coloring is especially common at the edges of the pool where people usually lean or where they rest for a while. The first tip is to take a shower before entering the pool and removing any excess cosmetics or body lotions is a good idea (although it is true that sunscreen is an essential in hot weather. ), this allows you to reduce cleaning at the edges of the coating and is a good way to avoid stains in the water. advice: The phenomenon of water coloring increases with the combination of chemicals and UV rays from the sun, an excellent solution is use a cover when the pool is not in use to avoid this phenomenon.
  • Keep the waterline clean (foam pools): The waterline tends to get dirty with fats, oils and substances that usually float on the surface of the water. The waterline is easily cleaned in tiled pools, while in pools with PVC covers (liner) this dirt tends to get into the sheet (especially silicone oils in water resistant creams. ), which makes complete removal difficult and sometimes impossible, which is why frequent brushing with suitable products is recommended.
  • Cleaning and replacing filter cartridges: Frequent cleaning and replacement of filter cartridges is very important in maintaining a healthy environment for your pool. It is recommended that the pool filter cartridge be changed every two weeks during periods of frequent use. If you swim in the pool every day, you should consider cleaning the filter cartridge regularly every day, and it is recommended that you replace it every 5-7 days.

If you get used to performing these maintenance activities regularly, you will always have clean and 100% safe water. Only then can you really enjoy your pool!

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