There are things that generate energy in such a way that they are able to move the world. Some, unfortunately, are very negative, but others nonetheless tend to be joyful and heartwarming so much that they sometimes become the real reason for our existence. I am referring to the children’s smile. All those people, whether for one reason or another, who have children nearby have made the strange sacrifice to obtain this reward, see the happy face of a child as they open a gift or see the float passing by. magi or the characters of a traveling circus.

I still remember the happy faces of the children when not long ago the boys passed by dressed as clowns walk on huge stilts in the street. Surely more than one will have wondered “but how do they walk on these big sticks without falling”. Riding on stilts isn’t that hard, what I can assure you is that it’s super fun, not only for kids but also for daring adults who dare to try it out. Of course, we won’t start with a few three-meter stilts from which we could fall and do a lot of damage to us, but others that are shorter, simpler, but just as fun.

You are probably wondering, where am I going to get stilts? And here’s the good news, making stilts out of cans is, besides being a lot of fun, really. simple and inexpensive. So the adults can have a good time doing the stilts and then watch the little ones have fun.


What we need to make homemade stilts. It doesn’t really take a lot to make stilts, plus you can have everything you need at home and don’t have to buy anything. You can even recycling boxes that you have at home and that they would surely go in the trash and turn them into toys for your kids. Then I will list the materials needed for the manufacture of stilts with boxes.

Children’s stilts – Materials

  • Two boxes of the same size, preferably medium. Can be from mother’s milk, powdered chocolate, fruit, etc. For the little ones you can use smaller boxes, with less height, like peas, olives, tuna, etc.
  • An auger, awl or nail and hammer for pierce the cans
  • Rope
  • The scissors
  • Tape insulation to cover the edges of the cans and thus protect any sharp surface.
  • Material for decorate them: stickers, markers, paint, cardboard, etc.


Stilts for children – steps

Once we have all the materials needed to make our stilts, we can start the manufacturing process.

First of all, the cans should be washed well, remove stickers if they had any until their surface was very clean and smooth. When we have them clean and dry, mark with a marker at the base a line that divides them in half. On the edge of both ends of the line and by going down a few centimeters to the side, we will mark the points to make two holes on the side of each box, face to face. Try not to press too much while making the holes so as not to dent the boxes and especially that they are well aligned. The holes should be made near the base which should be placed face up.

Then you need to decorate the cans to have beautiful homemade stilts. You can paint them with acrylic paint or personalize them with stickers of your favorite characters. It is recommended not to over-dilute the paint in water for how long the thicker the paint, the better it adheres to the metal. The important thing is that the end result is beautiful stilts to show off with friends.

Once we have made the holes and the boxes are dry, we cut two pieces of rope about one meter each, depending on the size of the child. Make sure the cut is straight and dry to prevent the string or cord from fraying. We introduce the rope inside the box and pass it through the holes. We tie it very tightly making sure that the size of the knot is larger than the hole so that it does not become secure. The length of the rope should be left in such a way that it passes from the bobbin to the child’s hand and returns to the bobbin so that the little one can hold it when it is mounted on top and very important, check that the length of the two strings is the same.

Then you need to cover any sharp edges that may have remained with the electrical tape to prevent any kind of cuts with them.

If the box has a lid, it is recommended to leave it in place so that the boxes do not sink with their weight into the ground or onto a soft surface.


Video how to make stilts for children with cans

Now that you have your stilts you can start playing and enjoy the experience of walking on stilts. Keep in mind that this is an exercise that requires coordination between the arms and the feet since you are lifting the stilts with your hands. It’s all about practice, including some drops, of course, as with any learning process. Start walking little by little until you do it the natural way. You will see what a pleasure.

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