In WoodMe we want to tell you now about what kitchen decoration is and although in many of them we hardly have space to decorate too much, the truth is that in addition to the essentials, we can afford to provide “details” that will make it a more personal space.

The decor of the cooked This is something that you surely don’t even consider when purchasing or providing one. The truth is that having to place all kinds of devices and others for the kitchen, it makes you not notice that you can also count on decorative “details”, even if you first think of the essential.

Essential elements in every kitchen:

  • Obviously, one of the first things you’ll need to think about will be devices and among them we must mention the refrigerator, microwave, oven, dishwasher etc … some kitchens also include washing machines among their appliances.
  • And of course we will have to mention the kitchens and among these we can find a great variety such as hotplates (induction, modular or gas) and also the pits where to clean the food.
  • On the other hand, the Extractor hoods or those elements that make our life in the kitchen “simpler”, such as having a coffee maker, a toaster, etc …
  • Once we have chosen the electrical appliances in general, we can start to look and choose what will be furniture where already here we can start to think about the decoration of our kitchen.

The truth is, we also have a wide variety of kitchen furniture to choose from as it will depend on what style we want to have whether it is one. modern, minimalist, rustic or “vintage” (and many more styles we can choose from).

Furniture for the kitchen:

  • The furniture The basic that cannot be missing in our kitchen will of course be the counter, the kitchen cabinets, the drawers … all this will be essential because they are used to keep all the other elements that we will have to buy such as plates, cutlery , glasses and other utensils. that we are going to use for cooking and eating.

With this choice of furniture we will have already started decorating our kitchen and if for example we have the whole kitchen in red and modern tones we can add other decorative details.

Kitchen decoration details:

  • Kitchen tables: They do not fit in every kitchen, because in many floors their dimensions are quite small, but the truth is that they never hurt if it suits us even if it is one of those folding ones. You will find that its use is good for you to eat in a few minutes or to have breakfast with the family.
  • Curtains for kitchen doors and windows: Another item that you might not notice is the curtains. Although they don’t give a nice exterior, they never hurt and we can combine them with the color tone we have on the walls and furniture. Kitchen curtains will always give you a lot more style.

These are just a few ideas that I give you for decorating kitchens, I also leave you this video:

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