Do you know what the ideal kitchen height is? There is no exact answer, however, we explain how to calculate the height at which the bench or counter should be

kitchen counter height

At the market level, certain standards have been set for the height at which a bench is installed. However, these measures may not be ideal for everyone. Not all people are the same height, and even though they are the same height, there are different preferences when it comes to work.

At some point, you should start calculating the ideal height for a kitchen countertop. O most frequent is 90 centimeters. Which is determined by:

  • The most common kitchen cabinet or module is 70 cm high.
  • The standard size of the legs or baseboards is 15 cm.
  • The tops have a maximum thickness of 5cm.

These are not fixed numbers. We can find different heights of kitchen furniture: 72, 76 or 86cm, and even made to measure.

Most of the kitchen furniture legs that are commercialized today are adjustable, allowing different heights, usually between 12 and 20 cm. This is the element that allows us to play the most to find the right height for the kitchen countertop or the one we like the most.

As for the thickness of the bench or table, it is also variable, but within very small measures. Laminate or chipboard countertops are sold with thicknesses between 3 and 5 centimeters. The latest HDF models (High Density Fibreboard) are much smaller in thickness, between 1 and 2 centimeters. More or less the same thing happens with granites and especially with technical quartz countertops or technological surfaces.

Ergonomics and bench height

According to ergonomics, that is, taking into account people’s physiological or anatomical characteristics, the height of this surface or work table is as follows:

  • For a person of measured height, between 1.50-1.70 meters, the bench must be between 88 and 91 cm.
  • For a person of 1.90, it is recommended between 94 and 100 cm.
  • For people using a wheelchair, the height drops to 76-82 cm.