KVAERN, the first off-grid electric bicycle

It’s not just another electric bike, it’s “The Bike”. This is what the creators of KVAERN assure, a new electric bicycle that will soon arrive on the market with a novelty that sets it apart from others. It is the first solar panel specifically designed to charge the battery of this type of vehicle. With this bet, which can be purchased as a supplement, opting for this model will be to do so for the first electric bike off-grid Of the market.

It promises a good trip (what is it KVAERN means in Danish) and, if there is one thing, it’s that what it will be is sustainable. Indeed, in addition to the option for the usual battery recharging, a replaceable lithium battery which is hidden in the frame, in this model you can use a solar panel specially designed so that the bike works 100% with energy captured directly from renewable sources.

For this change to become a reality, between two and a half and five hours of charging will suffice. This is where the panel comes in, a 99 x 102 x 2.5 cm monocrystalline that installs easily on the roof of the garage, bicycle storage or any place of your choice with direct sunlight. Once the energy is captured, a solar pack with a power of 360 watts will allow it to be stored until the bike needs it.

“We tried to create a solution similar to the one that Tesla offers to its vehicle owners with the Powerwall “, Explain the Start who designed this eye-catching alternative. In his opinion, this is the answer for the electric bikes of the future. The most immediate is the construction of the model itself, for which this Copenhagen company has launched a campaign to crowdfunding that remains active.

“The simplest, coolest and most durable transportation system”, they say in this campaign about a model that offers more than that. Their more than 50 kilometers of autonomy and its ability to go from 0 to 24 kilometers per hour in 4.5 seconds also testify to the potential of KVAERN, whose design will not leave you indifferent.

A good choice just to stay active or for daily commutes around town, this alternative offers four pedal assistance options. Thus, with it, it is possible to circulate as if it were a bicycle to be used, up to doing so with 90% assistance. “Let the bike do the work for you”, the creators of this model accept the thread. With him, they hope to put their grain of sand towards cleaner mobility, with a more sustainable electric bike. To shoot it, there are still several months left because, according to the fundraising campaign launched, the first shipments will wait until at least July 2018.


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