Solar installations on abandoned golf courses

Kyocera will install the The largest solar power plant in the region of Nippon on an abandoned golf course. Golf courses have been and continue to be a conservationist’s nightmare, it seems to us a waste of space and natural resources.

Today, the Japanese electronics company Kyocera is exploiting those same golf course properties to build solar power plants. With ample sunshine and minimal shade, the abandoned golf courses in Kyoto and Kagoshima prefectures will soon be home to two new solar power plants with a combined capacity of 115 MW.

The Kyoto solar power plant will produce around 26,312 MWh of energy per year, providing enough energy to power 8,100 typical houses in the region, according to estimates by the company itself.

Solar power plants on abandoned golf courses in Japan

The new solar power plant will be the largest solar power installation in Kyoto Prefecture and will mark the 40th anniversary of Kyocera’s entry into the solar power industry.

In Kagoshima, they will use a strip of land originally planned to become a golf course over 30 years ago that was never developed as such.