For some years there has been a growing trend in interior decoration, lacquering of doors and furniture.

Within this trend the most sought-after color is white, mainly because of the ease of combination and because it favors brightness and a feeling of spaciousness. It is an important contrast to previous trends, such as dark colored doors like sapelly or wenge.

But how much does it cost to varnish a piece of furniture or a door? This is a recurring question and not always easy to answer.

On the one hand, they are important differences between what a professional can charge your working hours and the quality of the materials you use. And on the other the huge confusion that exists in the terminology due to the variety of applications and products that can be used.

In many cases, even words like paint, enamel or lacquer are used interchangeably, when they are different. In fact, there are many “professionals” who give prices for varnishing doors when they know that this is not what they really offer.

Differences between varnishing or enamelling a door?

There are important differences in the quality of the finish. A lacquered door will offer a smoother, stronger, more durable and non-yellowing texture. An enamel can have a very good finish, but it is certainly not the same. And of course a lacquer is more expensive, not only because it requires more work, but also because the materials are more expensive.

When we say that the lacquering process is more complex, we mean that the preparation of the door must be much more exhaustive. It may even be necessary to dismantle if the door or cabinet already had a different finish. More layers and layers of sandpaper are needed between them. And all hands must be slaughtered, which raises some problems if the work is done in a house where people live.

In addition to the primer, two-component polyurethane lacquer is often used. One of them is the hardener. For higher quality work, acrylic lacquers are used, which are even less yellow.

For enameling, generally only two products are used, the primer and the enamel itself. The most common is to give at least one coat of primer and two of enamel. Although it is also common to use a spray gun, you can use a roller or even a brush.

Lacquer doors price

Well, this is the million dollar question. If we do a little research online we can find prices for varnishing a blank door for around € 40 or less. Given this, the logical thing is that he is not a good professional, uses excessively cheap and low quality materials, or simply paints, and does not varnish.

I would be suspicious of anything below € 80. In addition, transportation must be taken into account. It is common that it is necessary to remove the doors or furniture and take them to the workshop. So, that would be an additional cost.

So, if we had to give an approximate price to varnish a door, including guides and flashings, it would be around € 150 per door. Which can be higher or lower depending on the additional work to be performed.