Want to renovate the bathroom and not spend a fortune on the floor? Have you discarded laminate floors for bathrooms or wet areas? In that case, you can now take them into account again.

Laminate floors are manufactured from the union of wood fibers and glue pressed at high temperatures, on which a printed sheet with the design is applied. The fact that it is a printed sheet allows a practically unlimited number of designs, from wood to stone, tiles or original designs. This soil allows significant savings compared to other alternatives and the aesthetic factor is not affected. The savings will be greater or less depending on the quality of the fibers used, the thickness of each blade and the design, that is, as in everything there are always different qualities.

Those who have or have had natural wood floors are reluctant to laminate floors, however, with the advancement of manufacturing processes and technologies, these prejudices have disappeared.

Laminate floors they are resistant to blows, scratches and stains, thanks to the fact that the top layer is designed precisely for that. It also offers the warmth that is sought when using wood, although technically we are not talking about wood. Thanks to the latest advances in materials, glues, melamine and especially in the blade anchoring systems, they are also water resistant, so we can say without fear of making mistakes that laminate floors are also suitable for bathrooms, which makes them so just a few years ago, it would have been ridiculous.

What should the bathroom laminate floor have?

In order for what we just mentioned to be totally true, we should not buy the first laminate floor that we find, we must make sure that it is manufactured especially for bathrooms, therefore:

  • We must make sure that the fiber board with which it is made is waterproof.
  • That the surface is non-slip.
  • As a general rule, laminate floors specific to wet areas are also treated to be antibacterial.
  • That the anchoring system or click is specifically designed to prevent the passage of water and not exclusively to facilitate assembly
  • The ideal is to keep the number of joints to a minimum, so choose large slat designs as much as possible.
  • The surface resistance is also important for a bathroom laminate floor, in order to prevent blows from perforating this first layer and allowing water to pass through.

Another advantage of laminate flooring is that it is relatively easy to install and does not need major construction works, so anyone with a moderate amount of work in the DIY world can do it (here is a small guide with the basic steps), which reduces the budget even more.

EM As for maintenance of laminate floors for bathrooms It is very simple, just use a slightly damp mop to clean. It will not be necessary to sand and reapply the finish after a while. The latter can also be a disadvantage, because when a part is damaged it must be replaced, although as we have already said they are surprisingly resistant, and manufacturers also give up to 20 years of warranty.