It is estimated that by August 2019, the construction of the first tourist solar train will be completed on a route from Argentina to Cusco.

The tracks that will receive the first solar train in Latin America began to be laid in February 2018. The objective of the project is made tourist trips. Your starting point will be the province of Jujuy in Argentina.

It is expected that by August 2019, a 20 km stretch through northern Argentina will be ready. Therefore The province of Jujuy will join Purmamarca and Maimará.

Then the roads will reach Bolivia and later Cusco, the final destination will be the magical Machu Picchu.

To begin with, it will be a little train, will have a car for 240 passengers. It is a tourist train with a speed of 30 km / h.

Solar panels on the roof.

Photovoltaic panels will be fixed to the roofs wagons for their operation. The system also has a hydraulic diesel.

This train is being developed by the same international experts who participated in the construction of the solar train in Australia.

This project is a great challenge that develops technology for the rail transport of the future.

is it is the second solar train that will operate in the world, the first is Byron Bay, Australia.

The solar train in Latin America will follow the route of Belgian railway loads. Taking advantage of this, that it was taken out of service 25 years ago and that fortunately it leads on the Inca Trail.

Build this train therefore requires a fairly high investment. For the first step, $ 9 million will be invested. In addition, 6 million will be needed for the construction of the second stage.

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