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Photosynthesis is a process by which plants, algae, and certain bacteria capture and use the energy of light to transform inorganic matter in their external environment into organic matter that they will use for their growth and development. The industrial designer Mike Thompson, Inspired by a major scientific breakthrough made earlier this year by researchers at the Yansei Universities and Stanford they extracted from algae a small electric current (of chloroplasts algae) during the photosynthetic process, created the Latro Lamp What derives its energy from algae contained in a glass chamber …

Latro it’s a Hanging lamp which draws its energy from algae and these only need sunlight, carbon dioxide (CO2) and water to survive. As soon as the lamp is placed outside and blown through its handle, the process of producing energy begins which can be stored in a battery that we will use later at night to illuminate ourselves.

Currently, there are a large number of chemical projects aimed at the artificial reproduction of photosynthesis, with the intention of being able to harness solar energy on a large scale in the not too distant future. Although an artificial molecule capable of remaining polarized for the time necessary to react usefully with other molecules has not yet been synthesized, the prospects are bright and scientists are optimistic.algae lamp

By Alicia Calderón of the Renewable Energy Studies Office Neva Multiview. (


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