If we visit any DIY center or specialized store we can find hundreds of brands of laminate or floating floors. Deciding between them is not always easy and becomes very complex when we have no references. Not being able to distinguish whether a product was manufactured by a company where mistakes are frequent, or by one where attention is paid to details, is a problem.

In this list we come across laminate flooring manufacturers that have been competing in the market for many years. The first brands that were created based on good work and whose name supports them.

While choosing one of these brands does not insulate us from the possibility of buying a flawless, defective or low quality product, it is true that it can lessen the uncertainty about whether we are facing a bad or a good product.

Leading Laminate flooring brands and manufacturers

Finsa – Finfloor. Finsa is a well-known Spanish company linked to the world of wood. Finfloor is the brand used to market the laminated floors it manufactures.

Within them we can find both economic ranges where the basic aspects are not neglected, as well as Premium ranges for customers looking for something more.

Faus. Faus is a Spanish company / brand based in Valencia and dedicated almost exclusively to laminate floors. They bet not only with the most modern design, but also incorporating the best and latest features to their floors. Its market strategy is not based on price, but on a high quality product.

Quick step. This may be the most popular brand of laminate flooring. It has a wide range of floors where we find options for all budgets. In addition to this wide offer, the quality of many of its products must be added.

Despite belonging to a group of companies, only products related to laminate floors are marketed under the Quick-Step brand.

They are the creators of “Uniclic”, One of the best slat anchoring systems. In fact, they have patented it and many other manufacturers, some of which are included here, pay the patent to use it.

Haro. This parquet brand is a reference in the German market with more than 60 years of experience in the sector. Manufactures all types of floors: natural wood, synthetic or laminated parquet, linoleum, etc.

Pergo. These Swedes are considered the inventors of this type of floating floor. Despite having passed a long time, they continue to be a reference in the world market for the quality of their materials and finishes.

Meister. It is a company of German origin with an important presence in the timber sector in Europe. Your bet is based on good design and the search for functionality. In addition to laminates, they make floors in cork, linoleum or solid wood.

His concern with the use of certified wood also stands out.

Leading laminate flooring manufacturers and brands

Leading laminate flooring manufacturers and brands

Kronotex – Krono. Krono is a world reference in the manufacture of products derived from wood: chipboard, MDF, DIY, furniture, etc. It sells floors in two forms, under the Kronospan brand, which is mainly dedicated to slabs, but also laminate floors at competitive prices and basic features. And with the Kronotex brand, which includes high quality floors.

Berry alloc. This Norwegian-Belgian brand has been on the market relatively recently, especially if we compare it with others on this list. However, they have stood out in these years for their products and innovations. It highlights its innovations in relation to the anchoring system.

Egger. This is also a major brand of synthetic floorboards made in Germany. It focuses on the manufacture of a robust product that incorporates the innovations developed by the same company. This includes its own type of waterproof plate and anchoring system. Its catalog is extensive, although it is very focused on wood.

Hostel. German manufacturer of laminate floors and multilayer floors. It has an important presence and popularity in countries like Germany or Austria. It offers a very complete and balanced product in terms of design and quality.

In this list it is quite possible that we have been with more than one quality manufacturer. If you want to improve and expand it, we encourage you to comment.