Having a barbecue in the garden or on the terrace can be one of the good ideas if you want to take advantage of these spaces in the house, especially when the weather is nice. Do you dare to set up your own barbecue? This way you can complete a project to get a lot out of it and also have a rustic style barbecue that you will no doubt love. Learn how to make an inexpensive homemade barbecue.

Learn how to make a cheap homemade barbecue

Current barbecues can be a bit expensive, so with a few bricks, choose the space of the terrace and above all, by following the guidelines that allow you to build a home barbecue, you can carry out your project and enjoy your BBQ whenever you want. .

Learn how to make a cheap homemade barbecue

Make a cheap homemade barbecue, the best option is undoubtedly to choose do it in brick which is perhaps the most economical and traditional element for building barbecues in the garden or on the terrace.

Also think that a brick barbecue looks great in any garden or patio and it’s also very practice, because it will not only serve you for cooking but it can be practical for save many Things, and also serve as large work surface to prepare food before cooking. The best solution for barbecues with family and friends is outdoors. Once built, you can try new, more elaborate recipes, and enjoy your terrace in summer, but also during sunny days in winter.

Learn how to make a cheap homemade barbecue

If you decide make your own homemade barbecueyou better start choose the corner of the garden against the wind, there is no need for a permit and, in a few steps, you can make a barbecue in stone or in exposed concrete. You have that yes think carefully about how to do it, with one or two lights or whether the fuel will be gas, wood, coal.

What do you need to know before building a homemade barbecue?

Before moving on to the actual construction phase of the barbecue, it is essential have clear ideas in mind. We have already recalled some essentials, but you must also know how to build it and what structure do you plan to give it, knowing that the more complex shapes probably require more commitment and skill. As we mentioned, other issues that we need to fix are know what fuel we want to use, either gas, electricity or solid fuels (such as wood, coal or coal) as well as the amount we intend to spendSo it may be a good idea to ask a construction or DIY store for a quote to see how much it could cost.

A second step consists of design (on paper) a mini barbecue project, with everything that we have thought, to continue its construction avoiding possible errors in the development. Before starting the construction, it is absolutely necessary to identify the position and be clear about whether you want to build it on the lawn, in a corner, covered or not, but as we said, it is better to choose a point where there is not much wind. At this point thWe are ready to proceed with the construction.

What should you do and buy before building a home barbecue?

Building a home barbecue requires the use of various materials, tools and objects. First of all, you must have:

  • Shovel,
  • Hammer,
  • Dish,
  • Rule,
  • Pencil,
  • Mesureing tape,
  • Hand or plumb level,
  • Stakes
  • Drill

And for the construction materials the following will be required:

  • Refractory and solid bricks,
  • Terracotta tiles,
  • Cement mortar
  • Two stone slabs (one for the barbecue and the other for the support surface)
  • A perforated plate and a grid.

Before starting the construction, it will be essential clean the area where you want to insert the barbecue, prepare the ground for the foundations and therefore Dig a hole about 30 centimeters around the entire perimeter. We will tire of repeating very important to locate a point in the garden or on the terrace sheltered from the winds and possibly sheltered from the sun. We’re finally ready to start building and have some fun!

Learn how to make an inexpensive homemade barbecue

Make the base of the barbecue

As we mentioned, the first thing to do is to do this hole it is 30 centimeters deep. Once the hole has been dug, add the mortar cement smooth perfectly using the trowel and Let it dry in a period of between 36 and 48 hours.

Make the barbecue structure

To make our base for the homemade barbecue, let’s start laying bricks to assemble with the mortar, until the desired height is reached. With the drill (although if you have a mixer or mixer for cement it will be better because this way you do not suffer from the motor of the drill) we mix the cement mortar and we start to lay out the bricks row by row, until this pre-established height is reached and using a trowel, you can smooth the excess. In addition, it will be necessary to be very careful with the slope of the wall, thanks to the use of the hand level or the plumb line.

After build the 3 sides which will form the structure of the barbecue, we are going to need raise two interior walls more than 40 centimeters to hold the grid. Once this is done, we will only have make the “fire chamber”, and for that yes or yes it is necessary use refractory bricks (which are necessary to withstand the high temperatures that will be reached when we turn on the grill), leaving two slots so that it can be insert the grid.

Now the only thing missing is cover the structure with terracotta tiles or you can also choose the material we prefer, although this type of tile will make your barbecue look better.

We can finally say that our beautiful homemade barbecue is already done with our own hands and we have it ready to surprise friends.

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