Learn how to water plants if you must travel

Holidays! It’s time to relax and disconnect. But who will take care of the plants we have at home? Some people find the key by shooting a relative or neighbor. However, the need to ask for these kinds of favors can be something that is not easy for us over time.

A post from Pindorama, an educational institute focused on sustainability and quality of life, is circulating the net, which teaches us how to keep plants moist, when you are away from home for a long time.

According to the post, simply fill a bucket (or pot) with water and attach with the pots you want to water using twine. By capillary action, the water will be transported through the chain to the vessels, in a slow and continuous process.

And ready! You can now travel at ease, your plants will no longer be thirsty until you can return home. You like?

If you are not convinced by this system, you can try the one we saw a few months ago, a stand-alone irrigation system with a glass bottle.