Barcelona is a city with great potential to test new strategies for the restoration of separation walls and to apply Smart City solutions both in the present and in the future.

Leaves Performative Walls (LPW) is a pilot project inspired by the morphology of Barcelona trees. An artificial alternative consisting of a series of leaf-shaped panels, some of which are photovoltaic panels and the rest are panels that eat up pollution thanks to chemical treatment based on titanium dioxide (purifies the air).

Imitating trees, with the leaves as decontamination devices and solar collectors, and the branches acting as energy conductors.

The idea is that solar energy produced by LPW is used for local consumption. Towards self-sufficiency.

A project of – Javier F. Ponce + PGI Engineering for Barcelona City Hall.

Awards: 1st prize International competition The Urban Lab Challenge 2012, Open Cities project. (Javier F. Ponce)