In WoodMe we now explain everything that has to do with the best lighting for your home, as well as what is currently used the most in corners such as bedrooms or kitchens. Now we are going to tell you about what they are and the functionality of LED lights.

In recent years it seems that light bulbs or fluorescents have gone down in the history of many houses and in fact if we buy an apartment or a recently built house, we will find that they have installed the “famous” LED spotlights which in addition to allowing us not to have only the installation of lamps or that the ceiling seems overloaded, allow good lighting and also save energy.

What are LED spotlights?

  • The LED technology This is not something that has been discovered recently, in fact the first bulbs or LED bulbs date back to the 60s, when a type of light that is produced by applying a small electric current, without producing heat and with a defined color. .
  • The first LEDs are those lights that we all have, and know, from household appliances (switches) and that turn on or off whenever we connect them to electric current.
  • The light they emit is obtained from red and green diodes, so until a few years ago it was practically impossible to make an LED bulb that emits white light to install in the house or in fact n anywhere. Something that was finally solved thanks to the mixture of red, green and blue light. You can do an experiment: look carefully at a white part of the computer screen and see that it is made up of tiny dots of these colors. When zooming out, white color is visible.

The discovery of being able to create this mixture, thanks to the fact that the blue diode was carried out, makes our world change or makes its lighting completely to the point of causing houses to have these bulbs that do not need bulbs to traditional incandescent.

Advantages of LED floodlights:

  • There is no such thing as an ethereal or never-extinguishing bulb, and while it seems that information has recently emerged about creating a bulb that will last forever, the companies on the market aren’t very interested.
  • LED spots may only be the first option you can have in homes, with long-lasting lighting.
  • This type of light consumes 10 times less than what a traditional bulb consumes, so we can opt for them not only to save energy but we will also realize that although they are a little more expensive, in the long run they We will save a lot by changing the bulbs. Statistics guarantee that LEDs last 50 times longer than an incandescent bulb.
  • On the other hand we have the brightness or the light that they emit, because LED bulbs are brighter than a bulb and, in addition, the light is not concentrated at a point (like the filament of the bulb), but the whole diode also shines.
  • Finally, we will have to refer to its size. It can be said that LED spotlights save a lot of space wherever we place them and in fact when turned off they are even decorative.
  • We will realize that for example in built-in kitchens these LED spots are used a lot because they take up very little space. The same goes with the bathroom or with a bedroom or a dining room, these spots can be integrated into the ceiling and you will hardly notice that they are present through what is called recessed lamps or spotlights.

I leave you a video of how you can place LED spotlights in your home:

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