Sun Legion 2

Choosing and buying panels, inverters, fixing systems, paying installers … equipping a house with a solar energy collection and recovery system is sometimes not as simple or affordable as many would like. . Exactly for this profile, and for those who want to upgrade their equipment, Legion Solar 2 presents itself, a DIY solar kit (do it yourself) that cuts costs by up to a third compared to traditional solutions.

This is at least ensured by the promoters of what is already the Second Generation Legion Solar, the Californian company PLX devices, who launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring this solution into production, which far exceeded expectations. Therefore, the first kits will be available in March 2018, if all goes as planned.

But what makes Legion Solar innovative? Well, as its creators explain in one of the crowdfunding campaign videos, this is made as easy as possible for those who want to start generating their own energy and, also, for those who want to expand their systems. .


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For this, the Legion Solar base set, for example, includes solar panels, inverter, application for system management and supervision, in addition to wiring. Exposing the panels to sunlight and plugging in the equipment is, they say, all it takes to get “Instant results”. And all this without having to be or become an expert in solar installations.

Although the company offers 100-watt equipment, they recommend starting with its other alternative, the 200 W. The lowest, they say, will provide static power for devices such as TV, DVD or DVD. computer. router. With the 200, on the other hand, it is already possible to supply the energy necessary for the electronic equipment of the house.

On the flip side, Legion Solar 2 is also thinking of those looking to upgrade their gear for cleaner power. Therefore, it also offers 200W extension sets.

PLX Devices had already made a previous foray into this field and in fact offers the first version of this same equipment. In this regard, LegiĆ³n Solar 2 incorporates three innovations: an interactive tool for planning and developing the system called SolarBuilder; Rafter Finder, which makes it easy to install a solar roof yourself, and finally the SolarRegulator. With it, for example, we prevent energy from returning to the grid.

In addition to raising funds to produce this integrated solution for the use of DIY solar energy, the Californian firm is working on the third version of the system, with which he will try to provide a solution to ensure consumption during the night.

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