The planned obsolescence it is a practice in which we all lose, or almost. After that, almost, the industry, the only one that wins. In all, from the ordinary consumer, to the inhabitants of countries rich in resources like cobalt, necessary for the batteries of most mobile phones, to SMEs, the environment, etc. For most of those affected, many environmental awareness initiatives and campaigns are emerging to stop this pattern or, at least, help get off this bandwagon. Among them is the elongation, a directory with more than 1400 establishments in which the “Reduce Reuse and Recycle” is the maxim.

These are the wickers with which this proposal promoted by Friends of the Earth attempts to fight ‘buy, use and throw away’ which promotes the current model. To the trio of verbs and effects, we must add a few. (Bad) spending, operation, excessive waste generation, pollution. They are just a few, but the list goes on.

To reduce it, environmental awareness campaigns like this one are being launched, which wants to take advantage of the showcase offered by the internet to fight for a good cause, as well described by digital guide 1and1, who try to make it as easy as possible for anyone to add their grain of sand to the change.

he The European Parliament did it not long ago, with a slap on the wrist in the form of a request for action against planned obsolescence. However, this is not enough.

The European Parliament assured that nearly 8 out of 10 Europeans prefer to repair their products than throwing them away and buying them new. Thus, among the great majority of citizens, the capacity for action is extended. In addition to that, it is also increasingly accessible, with initiatives such as lengthening. Its merit is, without a doubt, to simplify as much as possible the establishment of local businesses, cooperatives or service providers. repair, rental, used sales and even barter services.

Extension, recycling and reuse directory

“We realize that products are becoming less durable and more difficult to repair and reuse. We also know that the current system favors this reality and we consider that citizenship is most affected, explain the germ of this idea to its promoters. The objective is clear. “We want to turn the situation around”. For this, calls to be revealed in the face of planned obsolescence and “Overconsumption” resources, they are continuous.

It is not for less. The unreasonableness of this purchase, use and disposal has consequences in less developed countries, here and, in general, around the world at the expense of environmental costs. Indeed, among other effects, planned obsolescence leads to a huge volume of waste production, in addition to a huge consumption of resources to manage it.

In this context, recycling does not reach its dysfunction and the level of consumption that we are achieving. Thus, Friends of the Earth is appealing to all to start by reducing purchases and extending the life of products. The advantages of fight against obsolescence with lengthening they are a lot. They range from savings for families and administrations, to reducing waste, relaunching the activity of SMEs, reducing energy consumption, or less pressure on countries whose material first is extracted.

The contribution of this initiative and of those who assume its philosophy is therefore of weight to stop the current spiral of consumption. For that, there are more resources that everyone can access. Yonolotiro.com, telodoy.net or Segundamanita.com are some of the options, in this case geared towards donation or exchange of products. But there’s more, and they range from repair tutorial sharing sites to furniture stores created with recycled products. “Take charge of your consumption!”, they lead by Lengthening. And to do this, neither the possibilities nor the arguments are lacking.