The Korean multinational LG Chem has just launched its residential solar energy storage systems in the United States, so that households in this country that have solar installations for self-consumption can more efficiently manage the energy captured with these lithium batteries with a capacity of up to 9.8 kilowatt hours (kWh).

More specifically, the firm specializing in batteries for consumption and the automotive industry, introduced for the residential sector two ranges of batteries integrating AC and DC potential conversion systems. The equipment can be easily installed indoors or outdoors; so that households equipped with solar panels can benefit from better management of surplus energy in hours of low or no light intensity.

For this, the company offers a 48V low voltage battery range (volts) which includes three different models: the lowest, 3.3 kWh; an intermediate, 6.5; and the highest, up to 9.8 kilowatt hours (kWh).

As for the high voltage, LG offers a range of 400V which has two alternatives depending on capacity, 7 kWh and 9’8 kWh. For those opting for the 400V Resu10H high voltage systems (those with 9.8 kilowatt hours), LG Chem reports that the product is compatible with StorEdge battery inverters while, for the rest of the options, the company expects More options will be offered throughout the year.

Both ranges are valid for newly installed panels or for homes that were previously equipped with these solar energy collection systems. As announced by the multinational, these teams will be available throughout the United States and Canada through LG’s RESU storage system vendors, a JH3 cell-based solution that won one of the ees Europe 2016 awards.

“Customers can enhance the benefits of their residential solar systems by using our batteries to maximize solar energy consumption and use them as a safe source of power during grid outages,” Peter Gibson, LG Chem North America Sales Director, talks about these solutions for storing solar energy in the home.

Here is how it is installed.


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